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We have owned a time share at Westgate for 25 years. Last year we secured thru trade3 units at Westgate Lakes.

They placed us in the older original resort without any recourse. This year they are trying to charge us a 250$ event fee if we want to exchange our Florida unit for a lesser unit in Phoenix. These folks are greedy beyond belief and I have had it with them! Additionally,the maintenance fee is900 dollars now and many of their resorts are available for a lesser price than the main thence and exchange fees.

Don't waste your money.

Go to a reputable website and get your accommodations on a yearly basis. You will save money and avoid the larcenous and escalating fees that Westgate charges!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Thank you for giving us a review. Sorry to hear about the issues you experienced.

When exchanging within the Westgate Resorts there is a fee involved .Seasonal upgrades our based on Peak travel weeks such a Holidays and Spring Break all Owners will pay the upgrade unless they own that week. Additionally annual maintenance fees cover the expenses associated with the upkeep of the Resort along with the general operation.

to WestgateGuestRelations #888596

When I ,now so sorrily, purchased at Westgate Vacation Villas in 1998,I was told that all weeks were "RED" weeks which meant that they were all HIGH SEASON WEEKS with which you could exchange for at any time for any other week. They all traded equally!!

Shortly thereafter, they developed "VALUE WEEKS" or "VALUE SEASONS". Now there was a reclassifying of the timeshare calendar weeks. We went from HIGH SEASON to VALUE SEASON and to trade into a different week or season you would have to pay an additional $450.00!!! In 2002, we traveled to the VILLAS and they were quick to announce their plans to build a large water park on location and that it would be completed in 2004.

Well, guess what? It is now 2015, no water park yet. There excuse, the economy, the housing/building bust. Yet our maintenance fees have gone up, they have acquired more properties and have now passed off all of their "bad debt" to us, the remaining owner's through their yearly increases in maintenance fees.

There Property Management firm is a shadow company of CFI, WHICH OWNS ALL OF DAVID'S BUSINESS VENTURES!! It is like having the "fox watch the hen house"! If anyone is truly serious about a "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT" we need to get the word out to all Westgate Owners. If we can enlist enough people, it would cost about a $100 per person for legal representation.

I have discussed at great length with Florida's Attorney General's Office and they say that Timeshare complaints are one of the largest, if not the largest complaint that they receive!! They are constant, growing yearly!

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