I specifically asked West gate resort if i can cancel my travel once it was booked due to health reason. sales rep informed me that i can cancel within 14 days from arrival for a full refund and $25 charge for cancellation within 7 days from arrival.

I went to cancel my trip which was in August, they won't let me cancel and provide refund. they mentioned i had to cancel within 14 days from booking.

what i learned from this experience is that once they have your money they wont cancel or change your reservation. so be careful with your reservation

Monetary Loss: $800.

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My family member passed away just before we were to go on the trip. They reimbursed us with the travelers insurance policy.

I needed to get a paper filled out by a doctor and he had to put his license number on the doctor paperwork. They cant refuse you if you get the documents and submit to corp. You cant stop illness or medical reasons. Call corporate and see what they will do.

They might be willing to give you another week. Better than nothing and they keep their money and you get your week.

Unless you are not able to travel anymore.

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They lie constantly from one person to the next they must be trained to lie lie lie

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Ok I don't get the problem here. They said you had to cancel 2wks before your arrival, but you waited a wk before your arrival.

They clearly said 2 wks and your upset because you didn't listen. I really don't care one way or other but you should probably listen better.

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