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Update by user Jul 26, 2013

Update Westgate has Honored my Request to cancel and I'm so Happy To Move On With Life!!!!!!!!!! I just need to send back there back case in order to get my fifty dollars back which I will do GLADLY :zzz

Original review posted by user Jul 12, 2013

I signed a deed with westgate resorts on july 2,2013. Although they never discussed a 10 day cancelation with me or my husband.

After researching I found out that there was and called to cancel on 7/9/2013 due to the pressure to purchase and unexpected hardship, Was told by call center rep someone would call me back. I did receive a call the very next day from there Notary Betsy C. saying that she tried and could not get it canceled because when we where there the year before we had agreed to stay a week with them and do like a trial type condo rental option, we paid about 1200 for it and what we were told if we decided to buy they would use that money to put down on a timeshare if we decided to purchase when we came back, But what she tried to say is that they listed us as owners then. So already this is sounding fishy!!!

How can you list me as an owner in 2012 when that wasn't the agreement and the ownership agreement for the deed wasn't signed until 7/2/2013. Then they said they can lower the price I don't want the price lowered I want Out!!! If anyone can give advice on the matter please do, Also if there's a good Attorney anyone knows please give me a name.

In the mean while I'm going to take this issue all the way to the top!!!! It is so unfair how they *** folk and every day from here on out, I will make it my Mission to spead the word about Westgate unethical Practices!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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help,,,,, signed contract then went on a 7 day cruise,,,, by the time I got home my 10 days were up... how do i get out of this contract,,,, im sick inside


To cancel a timeshare you have a 10 day grace period from time of signing.. You have to send a certified 2 day mail with reciept to corporate and location of purchase..

along with anything materials they gave you..

Wait the 4th day and call them to make they got it. Then you can request your deposit back.

to Anonymous #1451410

is this for westgate?

Sevierville, Tennessee, United States #1229791

My wife and I did all this yesterday. What do we have to do in order to get out of this contract?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We had no time to research anything at the time and now we have had time to really think it over and want out. Someone help please.

Tamarac, Florida, United States #1211412

I just signed my deed yetersday. After looking at all the bad reviews is there still hope for me to cancel ?

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1201573

Hi where do you go or call to cancel the time share


I'm trying to cancel my share now but they refuse to tell me where the cancellation policy is can you help me please if so call me at 504-662-7297 thanks I need to do this ASAP


So we purchased one on a Saturday after hours of being there. Then on Sunday morning we decided we didn't want it anymore per our state laws, TN, we could return it to the dealer or send it in.

So we went directly to Westgate and got nothing but the run around from them.

So tomorrow morning I will be mailing in everything. Everything is now digital, and we got an "owners case" does that need to be returned certified mail as well?


I am also going through the same thinh i should have did my reserch before i paid anything like usually do me and my boyfriend purchased on 2/22/16 we will be sending our letter tmrw 2/23/16 i pray we have no problem cancelling and getting our money back

to Anonymous #1120810

Have you heard back from them? I am in the same boat.

I sent the certified mail and got confirmation from usps yesterday that they received it.

But have not heard from Westgate themselves. Not sure what my next step should be.

to Anonymous Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1123953

so i have to send a letter jn order to cancel?


Can someone please help us..we just signed a contract on Feb 9th 2016..n I called to say I want to cancel n that I will send everything back to them..n they said it will take 21 days..but we only get 10 days to cancel..n what do u need to say in this letter so that I can send it before this 10 days is up!!?? Please I want to do this as fast as possible.

..Thanks biggest mistake I've made n took away from my daughter's 1st.

Vacation ever n we couldn't afford to buy her NOTHING. Stay away they know how to SELL...

to Anonymous #1114394

I am going through this as I type this .. signed on 2/14/16 need to know asap

to Anonymous #1120087

kyle logue number is 603-793-9841

tell him Mr. Chambo X. sent you


Hello... I was looking for some help to cancel my timeshare with westgate florida, I found your post, when you cancelled your, did you send the letter to them on time?

I signed my contact on jan 1st and yesterday jan 8th I sent to them all papers and the letter. It's a bad decision, them are so aggressive and the way they work involves you without you noticing, Im so upset because of this *** I missed one dy of my vacation "if I could I would say to all world about them"


I did not sign anything contract or any thing like that, but I am still being hounded and one hand knows nothing of what the other is doing! I will never do business with this timeshare or any other EVER in my life and I will do my best to deter anybody from making the mistake of doing business with a timeshare!

Hermitage, Tennessee, United States #967069

I, too, signed a timeshare with Westgate, but ended up sending a rescission letter, well several actually. I also had a Westgate credit card opened for the down payment along with a PayPal credit line. I'm pretty sure it will, but can someone please let me know if those will be cancelled out as well, since they're associated with the timeshare loan?



to Nhoover777 #990839

What address do u send the rescension letter? They failed to give us a copy of our documents.

They gave us a disc and case stating that all documents were on it, but when we got the cd into the computer, the documents were not there. The cd was blank. We are on day 5.

I have been trying to get my documents or either the address, to no avail. Please help!!!

New York, New York, United States #953856

how will i know if my contract was cancelled? I sent them my cancellation letter on the 10 th day.

They also gave me a westgate credit card for the 6 mths down payment .

pleas help me . many thanks

Hammond, Louisiana, United States #943842

I was duped on 2/8/15 With the westgate town center property. Can someone please tell me where to send the rescission paperwork because I still have 9 days and Westgate is not making an effort to provide me with this information. There wasn't a contract in the papers that they gave me only a deed...

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