Talk about being pressured into something...very suspicious company...the contract you sign is NOTHING ABSOLUTLY NOTHING like what they tell you...one of the financial officers told us we could sell the weeks we didn't use Online....the contracts states you can get into trouble for selling these....We got into this on our vacation, it ruined our trip....we came home early to find out how we could out of this....We canceled within the 3 business days it states on the contract...they also told us we were approved for paypal account to pay for it....a few days after we got home I received a letter in the mail from paypal stating we were not approved....good and bad....but had we not canceled we would have had to pay out of pocket for this or our credit would have been screwed...If they try to say we cant cancel for some underlying reason...I will be calling my lawyer....I believe this company needs to be investigated...there has to be a law against their selling tactics...I hope no one else that reads this falls into this scam!!!!!! Beware!!!!

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You are not only lucky for canceling within the allotted time, but very smart. Sadly, many people wait weeks or months before realizing this is a scam but the law does little to protect them once they are out of the cancellation period.

Turn this bad experience into something positive - you made a great decision to research what you just bought. You should feel proud and pat yourself on the back for canceling. After all, it could be much worse.

You could owe thousands of dollars and a lifelong commitment of maintenance fees that can and will increase. If I were you, I would celebrate!

Westgate is a scam.

Miami Beach, Florida, United States #829697

yes so agree with your comment this people are crooks, they should be investigated..

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