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On April 4th 2012 we submitted to the sales pitch with very little pressure it must of been like taking candy from a baby for them on that day.However once I started adding the numbers I was not pleased and canceled on April 9th.

After canceling I began to do research online and thanks to other's reviews I was glad with my decision to cancel. If you have a complaint against WGR please post it! If anyone is within their 10 day cancelation period do so asap! Don't waste any time!

Get out while you can!Run


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I have paid into this scam and have not received what was promised to me such as a trip to Los Vegas. I also recommend that anyone that has been promised a trip through this agency to run like never before. Seeking and going to inquire about my refund.

New York, New York, United States #872793

I was persuades after 4 hours we gave in. i want to cancel and would lke to know how i can go about it. please help!!!!

to yen yen #873112

Yen Yen,

If you are within the "rescission period" (generally, a few days after purchase), you can send a letter to Westgate telling them that you are exercising your legal right to rescind the purchase.They probably buried the information on how to do so in a hidden velcro pocket in the back of a binder, but it's there somewhere.

You can probably also search on the web for the address to which you send the letter (certified return receipt mail, so you have proof).

I might recommend going to the bulletin boards at tugbbs.com and they will help you.They are timeshare owners but hate Westgate.

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States #813642

5/9/2014 ...Decided to check online forums regarding my personal experience after cancelling a Timeshare Contract within the allowable 5 day period (Myrtle Beach, SC, Westgate Resorts).

Almost everything described by individuals who took the time to post their awful experiences in dealing with these scam artists is accurate. Should be a law against Westgate Resorts unethical and shameful practices. We attended a scheduled 90 minute presentation while visiting North Myrtle Beach the weekend of 5/2/2014. When leaving one of North Myrtle's Calabash Seafood Restaurants, there was a lady set-up in the foyer of the restaurant who made the offer to give us $75.00 cash and a free lunch if we agreed to attend a 90 minute presentation at Westgate Resorts in Myrtle Beach on 5/3/2014.

We reluctantly accepted, and almost made a serious financial no-no when we gave in to the high-pressured sales tactics. We signed the contract for a 2 Bedroom Time share under an offer exclusive only to military members (their spin of course)foreclosed unit discounted for $18,200 under a flex-plan whereby we would have a two-week stay every other year (odd years)so we'll only pay maintenance/taxes of approx. $850 every other year or the years we actually stayed at the timeshare ... to avoid the outrageous 18.9% financing rate, we took an option to send in 50% of the amount financed, with the remaining balance paid at zero-interest rate for 36 months.

Yes, contract was hidden in binder, sale's person and finance rep insisted and drilled us over and over again to answer yes to all of the questions the closing officer would ask when we got in to the office where closing/signing of contract will take place. Part of the scam also; when we decided to cancel (sent certified letter to the Florida address) the closing officer from Myrtle Beach called to remind me of the fact that there maybe fees assessed since we decided to cancel, and that she wanted us to be aware that we had responded yes (recording on record she said) to the questions when asked if we were totally comfortable with our decision to purchase and that we were not aware of any barriers that will prevent us from fulfilling the contract, etc. Again, keep in mind that the sales reps insisted and told us over and over again: "answer yes to all of the closing officer's questions in order to avoid a long closing session ... if you answer no to anything, then this will cause the closing officer to have to go over everything line-by-line, thus delaying the process ...

we need you to get out of there ASAP so you guys can enjoy the resort for the remainder of the evening." Part of their scrip/scam. It was all a big set-up to be used against us if we were to cancel and/or try to back out of the deal. She too, the closing officer, mis-represented herself by telling us she didn't work for Westgate Resorts and that she was there to represent our best interest. Well, she switched roles when I was on the phone with her earlier today; nasty attitude to say the least.

Repeated threats of fees the corporate office may apply; and the fees may easily amount to $4,500 or more. Of course I recognized this was nothing but a scare-tactic and I braced for what would follow. Just as I suspected, she then turned in to a bona-fide sales person and begun to offer other options in order for me to change my mind. She offered to reduce the interest rate from 18.9 to 14.9 or lower if needed; offered same unit type/time-frame, reserved for special buyers only --- another foreclosed bargain for half of the $18,200 paid in contract I had signed.

You believe this? The same unit/deal I bought just a few days ago at a super-deal (with much sarcasm)of $18,200 was now being offered at $9,100. Wow, what a rip-off! Anyway, I refused to budge, so she offered one last threat by stating she will include in her notes that I refused to accept the help she laid out; these notes will be sent up to the corporate office and that I would hear from them in a few days concerning their decision on what fees I am charged for cancelling the contract.

Dogon shame. I told her fine; when corporate calls back, I'll transfer them over to my attorney. Please folks, stay as far away from Westgate Resorts as possible. It is all a big scam.

Unreal, how can these folks sleep at night knowing that day-after-day they are simply ripping folks off??? Thanks for those of you who took the time to post your experiences. We really need to consider doing a class action suit against these unethical practices/sales techniques. So glad I took the time to read over the contract when I got home.

And by the way, the closing officer who was there to represent my interest never even mentioned the fact that the contract included a 5-day cancellation option.

Go figure.Again, thanks to all.

"Almost a Victim."

to Almost a Victim of Westgate Re Atlanta, Georgia, United States #847567

Thanks for your post.From everything you describe it seems I was in the same room with you.

I have tried to find a contract on the paper work they gave me but only found warranty deed and nothing on how to cancel.

If you have cancelation info please post if you can.Bought my 07/25/14 in orlando, Fla.

Thanks again.

to Almost a Victim of Westgate Re Columbus, Georgia, United States #847582

Help....we just sign on Friday 25th....looking the papers but i dont have nothning about the 5 days cancellation.

to Almost a Victim of Westgate Re New York, New York, United States #872811

thank you so much, unfortunately for my family we signed and now im in the process of cancelling thanks to all the great advice and feedbacks. i send the letter but i couldnt find a number to call within the contract. Does anybody know of a number i can call PLEASE HELP

Houston, Texas, United States #709524

Just received the cancellation letter today and saw that we have our refund back. So great news! Lets keep spreading the word!!

to Ron Chicago, Illinois, United States #709816

Ron, that is great news, me too I just got my cancellation letter this week and i got my refund back.yes the best news ever.

let's keep spreading the word, and lets help others with the same situation!


Just so you all know when I canceled I was called by the "closer" too who asked me the same question as they did Ron's wife."why am I canceling?".

When I said it was just not feasible for me the "closer" threaten that would have to pay fees to cancel! When I mentioned that the contract said I have ten days to cancel with no obligation I was told that it was not true and there was a legal loop hole! They also tried to offer me a lesser vacation package but I refused & said if you don't cancel I will have my lawyer contact you! An hour later I received a call back saying they would cancel (no fee!).

And a few days later my deposite was refunded.They are crooks!

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