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Westgate Vacation Villa practices false advertisement and misled me. They asked me to fill out an application to check my credit for $6,900 membership fee.

Instead, they opened a line of credit at Bank of America in my name and without my consent for $5,000. They never told me that I would be charged $50/mo. for 7 months and then charged 19.99% on the $5,000 thereafter.

Even after I cancelled the line of credit with Bank of America, Westgate still refused to cancel my contract simply because I signed. WRITE TO ME FOR CLASS ACTION!

Review about: Westgate Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Here are some agencies for everyone to contact that are on this class or people whom are fed up with west gate and their deceptive practices. The more people that contact all these agencies the quicker they will be investigated for fraud and ethics on state and federal charges.

1)FTC 1(877)382-4357

2)HUD 1(800)347-3735

3)Bureau of Compliance,Regulations and Complaints,Orlando 1(850)488-1122

4)FL Dept of AG and Consumer Services 1(800)435-7352

Out of FL 1(850)410-3800

5)Div of Consumer Services(timeshares) 1(850)487-1395

6)FL Public Service Commission 1(800)342-3552.

If everyone and I mean everyone that reads these posts contacts all these agencies they will have plenty of ammunition to go after them on several State and Federal charges.Lets give them their just action for all of their deceptive practices and fraud to all they encounter.


Read my posts and you will know whom to contact and join us and prevail against them and put them behind you.


Same thing happened to me. Thanks for your help John.


just returned from las vegas and bought into the westgate travel club and now reading all these reviews i am nervous i may have made a mistke. We haven't tried to book anything through them just yet but i am assuming i still have time to cancel our contract. I would appreciate any feedback whatsoever, please..


Read my post and you will know what to do just contact them and send them your info and join us and prevail and put them behind us.This will be ready in four to five weeks.


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