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I'm going to put this as short as I can as many of those that were in my situation had already explained their experience in detail. While staying at the Westgate Resort in Kissimmee, FL back in February 17, 2013.

My wife and I were conned into joining the Westgate Travel club. After sitting in a 90 min presentation, my wife and I were pressured into joining. Long story short they convinced us to enroll in a $4,000 membership plan. After telling them that we couldn't afford the $4000 upfront, they said that we can do a deposit of $1400 (which is broken into installments of $240/month) and a monthly fee of $129 at %17 until the plan is paid off, we can start using their services.

A month goes by and I got laid off from my company and I immediately called them to reduce the monthly amount of $240. Brittany from their 800 support desk asked if I can email them proof of my separation so they can work something out. Later on in the day, they came back and offered to downgrade my account and just pay a $52.17 a month until I get employed and I can revert account back. I went ahead and proceeded with the downgrade and was told to call back when I'm ready to upgrade.

A few days later, the $240 was with drawn from my account. That prompt me to call them back and I was told that my account wasn't downgraded yet because I had not email them to do so. This was when I started to research about the company and found that the company was a scam. Last week I emailed them again and told them that I wanted to terminate my account and have received an email today threatening that they will send me to collections after 5/17/13 and that cancelling out of my membership was not an option.

As I went to review my contract again, I realized that they did not have a clause for terminating the contract at all.

So, my question is, can this company bind you into a contract and not give you an option to terminate? Can anyone give some advice on what to do?

Monetary Loss: $680.

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We also,have bought into the westgate travel scam and,after 8 months, still have not stayed one night! We don't mind paying for something we use.....but ????.

Still,would like the OPTION of opting out! If something were to happen and we had no job,we would NEED that money to EAT!!

Athens, Georgia, United States #941033

THIS IS A SCAM! They lie to you and you can never get a reservation!

DO NOT DO THIS! if someone wants more information email me nawebb@uga.edu

to Nathan #1054083

Did you do a timeshare or the travel club package?

Alexandria, Virginia, United States #719173

The same thing happen to me in 2010. This company lie and pressure people to purchase their timeshare or vacation package).

I took them to court and won my case. I will tell u this, its going to be a lot of hard work u must done, to win your case. (getting the right paperwork fro the court, u going to fly back twice(med/trail), and have all documents pertaining this case, and witness. It will take years before you get your money back.

Westgate had the nerves to appeal my case after they lose. Then, I had to get an attorney to do the paperwor, watch costed me more money out of pocket.

Fairport, New York, United States #645479

We will have a representative contact you immediatly. Our goal is to provide the best service possible and will correct any issues you are currently having with your membership.

Steve Grecco

Director Westgate Travel Club


to Steve Grecco Atlanta, Georgia, United States #646030

Steve Grecco, I appreciate you responding to my complaint, however, all I want now is a cancelling which your representatives indicated that it was no an option. At this point I don't want anything to do with Westgate and I haven't not even used any of the Travel Club services. I believe the best thing your company can set right is to terminate my account, stop the threats about sending me to collections (when I haven't even used any of the Westgate Travel Club services) so I can move on with life.

to Steve Grecco #807292

My husband and I also purchased the 4000$ dollar package with your company, not knowing that there were so many bad reviews out there. We still have not received anything from your company although we were told we would receive a package in the mail within 4 weeks.

We paid the 1400 down and are making payments.

We have tried to look on the website but we find nothing, my husband also tried to call and speak with someone about some concerns and he was transferred to 7 different people and then hung up on with no answers. We are thinking we want out of westgate also because of the horrible customer service and we haven't even tried to book a trip yet.


to bailey Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #942183

We just bought the $4,000.00 package from Westgate Travel Club and are trying to get out as well. We are still within the 3 day period for canceling but can't get any info regarding where to write to do this.

Every time we call Westgate we get the run around and no answers. Can anybody please give us the address/fax number to get out of this scam? This was purchased at the Westgate Lakes in Orlando, Florida.

We are running out of time to do this!!

Appreciate your help!

to Steve Grecco Williston, Florida, United States #1324277

Dear Mr Grecco, like others I was pressured into signing a travel club contract in Orlando. I called your reps today to see what my payoff is.

I owe around $2000.00 and my 1st year membership ends August 2017. I like others never used the program and want to payoff the $2000.00 by August 2017. I do not want to continue to have your company take money from my charge card after this date. I will not be using your services again.

I will write off the $4000.00 your company talked me out of.

Please respond, I want to put this bad experience behind me. Hugh Gibson copgib@earthlink.net

to Steve Grecco #1411176


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