The experience is too long to describe.They coach you in , take your money, and the entire so called vacation expectation is a fraud.

Leisure Time Passport didnt even have a record of my membership number and the agent just transferred me to international to get rid of me. I called Westgate Travel Club back and the agent hung up on me. Their Las Vegas Resort on the strip is no longer available.

The entire deal is a fast buck scam and they should be put out of business.It's beyond belief they have not been investigated and get away with this fraud

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Ya we signed up over a year ago and have given the run around every time we call to book.we have 4 flat rate weeks a year and was told you can book up to 11 months ahead.I call month after month trying to book one of our flat rate weeks and there no availability time and time again.so I tried booking a week in Orlando and the same thing .they we ensured us before we signed up there would no problem booking at all.the biggest waste of $6000 I have ever spent .

Ocala, Florida, United States #838781

We were roped into buying another time share.They gave us a membership to the travel club.

That is a total joke. Tried calling four times never got through.

Today I tried again after 20 minute wait got through.While they checked for availability they hung up on me.


We stupidly let ourselves be persuaded into purchasing this travel club.Once returning home realized what a HUGE mistake we had made and I immediately called to find out the proper way to go about canceling within the specified time frame.

I was unable to get a call back from anyone even though I left voicemails at the numbers I was given to call directly to the supervisors if We should have any questions. Of course I received a call back to tell me it was too late and we were now stuck. The sheet explaining how to cancel was apparently misplaced somewhere whether on their part or ours is unclear, but I blame myself for saying what I wanted on the voicemail. I bet if I had said we wanted to upgrade and buy more weeks we would have gotten an immediate return phone call.

We were given a free week which of course has all kinds of stipulations attached and basically is unusable due to all resorts being full when it is ok to use the free week. I literally get physically sick anytime I think about the thousands of dollars we are paying and the fact that we will probably never, ever use this program. I have tried calling 11 months out as suggested and up and can never get booked where we want to stay. Traveling across the country with 5 kids isn't an option when they happen to find a hotel room that works for Westgate and trying to get off work when Westgate wants rather than when my vacation is actually.

For all of you fans of this company if anyone would like to buy our weeks or know of a friend you would like to recommend buying into we would be more than happy to sell. We have had nothing but a bad experience with this company and I have shed many tears over this horrible, impulsive, *** decision we made. If anyone knows how to sell this or get some of your money back please post it.

Do not suggest sell my timeshare I'm not getting scammed by them!I have read their reviews!

to Robby #827038

Do you need to buy a vehicle or house in the near future or need to refinance a mortgage or get a home equity line of credit?If not, just stop paying Westgate.

They will harass you for awhile, but meantime you can save the money yourself for a vacation.

Why pay if you are getting nothing?Be sure to track your credit score and report through annualcreditreport.com, which is provided through the ftc.gov web page.

For entertainment, watch "Queen of Versailles" about the scumbags that run Westgate.

to Robby Seattle, Washington, United States #973628

I have also been scammed by this comoany.No contract was in the binder and they will not cancel.

They have taken $4000 from me for nothing. I have been trying to get my money back since October. List 25 pounds and, like you, cry alll the time. Can't afford this loss.

They are ***.I think the worse part is that no ond will help me.

to Robby Bear, Delaware, United States #1015761

we were scammed too and cant get our money back from them we have never even got a contract or id cards and they wont send them i dont know what to do email me at sunshine2227@hotmail.com


Thanks WG you made my Vacation!!!


I have travel club.....have tried booking the full 11 months in advance and nothing is available? Waste of money!

San Diego, California, United States #697537

Wait i am confused, some say that it works while others don't. I have been an owner for 2 years now and i must say if you ask the right questions you will get the answers. NEVER TAKE WHAT A SALESPERSON SAYS AS FACT ON THE 1ST TIME. I asked the same questions 3-4 times just to make sure i was purchasing exactly what i thought i was. YES you do have to be realistic about the timeframe, and NO i cannot travel to hawaii on july 4th if i book on july 3rd, but come on people use some common sense.

I am sick and tired of hearing everyone b*tch about something that me and my family have used multi times. I bet you are the same people that would sue MCdonalds for having "hot coffee"... i mean use your brains people.

Now as far as timeshare through westgate ... *** NO, i mean *** NO for timeshare through any company. If you are looking to save money and stay in a better place then the Days Inn, buy the travel club. If it is not for you then don't buy Sh*t!


your travel lover

to Travel Lover Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #708595

So true..... we bought into the travel club on a whim and could not be happier. We went into it thinking, "nope..not going to buy". By the time my husband had talked our reps head off asking the same questions over and over, we got a discounted rate because we only get one resort week and one leisure week a year. We still get unlimited "hot weeks" (who can complain about $49 on a house boat in the keys for a WEEK) and family/friends add ons.

We love our deal. :p As so does the people we know that uses it with us or on their own. Never have any of us been hassled into ownership or anything else.

This is not a free thing, is just a discount club. Yes you still have to pay for food entertainment etc. You pay yearly dues to join discount chains.........SAME CONCEPT. It is optional. As with everything in life, some love it some hate it, and some are just so closed minded they wont hear of it


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