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I have the same issue. The same promises by the Westgate salesman.

I bought my timeshare April of 2014. All the good things was said by the salesman. From travel discount and the savings credits. My wife and I was told that I can use this credits towards anything that Westgate travel and Cruise offers.

But, after two months, I contacted Westgate travel & cruise because I want to use it either to purchase a airfare or rent a car. But I was told that I cannot use it towards airfare or car rental. Only for hotel or cruises. So, that was the first lie that I discovered.

Then, we were told by the salesman that if, we want to sale our timeshare. We must contact Westgate first so they will have the option to buy it first before selling to a different buyer. So much lies with this company. I know we were *** enough not to record the salesman and did not read all the fine print before signing the contract.

But their has to be way of STOPPING this SCAM from WESTGATE. I will be will to go to any live news TV to tell my side of story. I know this is not just one salesman SCAMMING. This is what the company is doing to all customers.

How many more innocent people like us that they will scam in the future?

Reason of review: EVERYTHING was a LIE!.

Monetary Loss: $11000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • action law suit
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I have been a WG owner since 2007. in kissemmee, FL.

and branson MO.

over all I have had some very good vacation at all WGR, one or two negative experience of course they try to get us to up-grade but, I stood firm and said" I AM NOT INTERESTED" now I have to go and I left. peoples remember being COURTEOUS TO A SALESPERSON IS NOT A REQUIREMENT.


They ALL tell the same lies. I was scammed as well.

I spend HOURS talking to the salesman and I don't think I heard a single thing that was the truth. Then you can NEVER get out of it. I've tried. Those people who say they can sell for you and want money up front, don't do it.

That's a scam as well. I recently lost my husband and asked if I could even give it back since it is paid in full and was told no (this was not Westgate) They might consider it if I paid for the almost $1400.00 maintenance fee. If I had the money to pay it, I'd keep it myself!

Then they would sell it and have the new person pay the same fee. Plus I think that $1400.00 for one week at a timeshare is really excessive!


We definitely encourage all owners to contact owner services to receive the most accurate information regarding their account. We have a close partnership with WGCT but initially they determine what owners can utilize regarding their point system.

Westgate Resort has the first right of refusal. ROFR process does not restrict the owner from selling or transferring title of the timeshare, it only determines who the final purchaser will be.

Although our salesman tries to provide as much information as possible throughout the presentation, some details can be missed due to time constraints. We always suggest to our future owner to thoroughly read their contract to have a better understanding of what they are purchasing.

We have owners who are very happy and understand how to utilize their timeshare. We also have customer service agents on duty every day to assist our guests and owners with their concerns.

We hope this was able to clarify some of your concerns and hope you’ll be able to truly enjoy your timeshare.