We were scammed about 3 years ago and can never seem to use our timeshare anywhere, everything we told were lies, lies, and more lies. Anyone have any idea of a class action lawsuit in Orlando?

I tried calling that Aldo lead and they are not pursuing that anymore. Please email me any info of what to do, they really sux! They told us we could use the Planet Hollywood Towers, now we cant. We could use intervale and exchange the unit, now we cannot.

We can rent it, now we cant! All around we did not sign up for this expensive of an item and not be able to use it for anything.

This company, Mr Seagul or whatever, stinks and he needs to be brought to justice. With all the complaints out there you would figure someone would form a union against this corrupt company.


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Brooklyn, New York, United States #623995

Westgate Resort, duke , $480.000 out of 25 people; by telling them all kind of lies. Join A Class Action; Attorney JTB Law Group call 201 360 0251, fax 855 582 5297, gianmfanelli@jtblawgroup.com.

You be glad you did.


November 25, 2012 from los angeles, california, US

I have contacted the FBI in Orlando and here is their e-mail address and fax number.They want everyone to e-mail and or fax their information to them and put attention: white collar crimes fraud for the subject on your e-mail and or the cover sheet of your fax with details.the fax number is four zero seven eight three eight two six zero zero.The email address is orlandora@ic.fbi.gov.Lets overwhelm them with emails and faxes so they can see the extent of their scamming ways nation wide.eventually we will bring them to justice.


David Siegel sale's people were misleading to a lot of people and it time.We are fighting back.

If you were, ripped-offs, and the victim's of a Westgate Resort Timeshare scam's in the US.

Please email iinez@optonline.net there an investigation going on . If you want to put your name on the list. send your full name , phone, total amt. of money you have paid out.

ASAP and please pass this message on. Are you can send me your phone #.

and I will call you. iinez@optonline.net

to larwrence Brooklyn, New York, United States #623999

Westgate Resort's Timeshare, people that were Scammed, -lied to, misleading.

lies, Call Attorney JTB 201 360 0251 someone standing by to take your call,fax 855 582 5297, em; gianmfanelli@jtblawgroup.com



We are owners of Planet Hollywood (unfortunately) Although it is very nice we did not buy the timeshare to keep going back to Las Vegas every year, we wanted to travel. We owned a week at another resort about 2 miles away from the strip.

To cut a long story short they talked us into upgrading to Planet Hollywood (now Elara) We found out later, although we had paid an EXTRA $6000 on top of our original purchase price, that we now only have 4 days! We can no longer exchange.

We have to use the unit before 2013 so if anyone would like to do a personal exchange please contact me. traceybrowning5424@hotmail.com


We are owners too, but I don't understand why you say you can't rent your unit. We have and do rent ours.

Not sure what to tell you about the Planet Hollywood towers though. It is our understanding that it was sold to the Hilton family of hotels & does NOT belong to Westgate any longer! That might be information that would help you. Where did you buy your timeshare?

At that location? I am not sure what happens. Westgates deeds are like buying a house...your deed is forever..not for a set number of years. If I were you and purchased in Las Vegas, I would check with the powers that be in that state to see where you could obtain assistance.

Time share usage takes planning. We have owned for years and have always been able to use ours. Don't understand why you can't trade out with Interval. You didn't explain that one well.

We have never used our Interval but know people who own and trade every time without problem. I hope you get this all worked out. Call Interval to see if someone there can explain how it can be used to trade.

Lots of ways for requests to be made, as I understand it. Best of luck to you.

to Planet Hollywood was sold! Brooklyn, New York, United States #624003

If it were sold to the Hilton why is Westgate keep sending me Limited power Of Attorney papers asking me to sign them? Are they trying to Duke me?


I agree with every single comment posted on this site. I’m going to pursue a class action suit against them based on accounting fraud.

I made several call to the CFO regarding the maintenance and taxes expenses that the owners have to pay every year. There several items that they are charging the owners that are not consistent with General Accepted Accounting Principles.

I will keep everybody updated as to when I’m going to start the lawsuit. E-mail me at tomaparati@hotmail.com if you are willing to be part of this lawsuit

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