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I was pressured to buy a timeshare. I was given different offer than what I was actually gives. Sales representative cheated us.

We were kept in a room for 8hrs and forced to buy a timeshare. At the time of purchase we were told that every other year we can have 1 week any time during our year to take vacation. This year we decided to take it and were told that we have to pay $2,0000 for 1 week!!!!! That is not what our sales rep. told us at the time of purchase. We felt pressure at the time, we were not given time to read what we signed and she certainly did not tell us there was a cancellation time. We were under pressure and intimidated. We were told that if we did not purchase anything, we would pay $600.00 for the weekend we were staying. We were cheated, intimidated and pressured to buy. I would like to give the timeshare back. We do not want anything else to do with the timeshare.

I was never told that I had a cancellation option. The Sales representative stated that there was no cancellation and that once we signed it was all final. She also told us that if we did not purchase anything that day, that we would end up paying $1,000 for our stay. We were pressured, we were not given a chance to read through the papers and the documents we signed we were not given a copy. She stated that they would be mailed to us which never happened.

When you call the customer line, the representatives are rude and aggressive. They are like parasites. They try to suck all you have. They only care about payment and not about you as a "client". I was promised a time share that I would be able to use every other year WHENEVER, any month of the year, and at the end it was all false information.

We were thinking to change our reservation for 3 days instead of 2 because we experienced bad weather so the rep told us that if we did not purchase, our stay would be $600 for 2 days and $1,000 for 3 days. This was totally unexpected and of course we were not ready to pay $1,000. That is absurd. She pressured us this way to sign the documents for the time share. We overheard when she told her manager that she needed the commission.


Westgate Resorts is in receipt of your additional correspondence regarding Ms. Lijeron' s recent complaint. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Regarding the cancelation policy, please refer the consumer to her signed Contract for Purchase and Sale document, which states the number of days the consumer has to cancel the contract and also provides detailed instructions on how to do so within the rescission period. This information is in BOLD print directly above the purchaser's signature line. Had Ms. Lijeron followed these instructions and opted to cancel within these guidelines, Westgate would have honored her request, canceled the contract, and refunded all monies paid.

As previously stated, Westgate Resorts denies that it or any of its representatives forced Ms. Lijeron to purchase her timeshare ownership. Westgate's position remains unchanged. Ms. Lijeron' s Contract is valid, legally binding, and will not be canceled due to unsubstantiated verbal misrepresentations.

Westgate considers this matter closed.


Kelly Hurley

Account Manager

Owner Relations / Correspondence


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High Point, North Carolina, United States #689430

I had the same issue with them at the beginning of July 2013. I was never told about my 10 day grace period and they hid my paperwork in my black folder they gave me.

I don't appreciate being lied to and cheated out of money. I sat there and told them that I didn't want to be screwed over and that's exactly what they've done to me. I'm in the process of talking to my lawyer now and seeing what can be done. If I don't want to own property, then I shouldn't HAVE to!

Brandon, Florida, United States #688070

you said you had to pay 600 in one paragraph and then said 1000 in the next you cant keep your story straight so I call ***

Tarkio, Missouri, United States #677920

We were just out there at the end of June.4 of us girls went to a presentation.

Told it would be @ 30 - 45 min. Just went for the show tickets. Never intended to purchase. 6 hours later we finally got out of there, with a time share.

From the very beginning we were told to lie @ being single. Then of course we had to keep up the lie. They in turn told us to keep lying about my medical condition and such. They said "Oh we can work around that.

Just don't say anything while you're getting recorded. This was on the 1st day of our vacation. We were there for 6 days. When we got home I called & told (left a message on her answering machine) our closing officer that we could not do this & that we wanted out.

While we were there, we were given papers for our spouse to sign. We were told if they didn't sign it made the contract null & void. So of course, we thought, easy out if we speak to our spouses & change our minds. Now we find out that was all a lie.

So if they will not let us out of this contract, I would like to speak with you @ your situation.Thank you.

to lap #678847


Usually there is something tucked deep in the paperwork telling you how to cancel (which they have to provide you by law).Did you send in the rescission in time?

If so, DO NOT CALL THEM and DO NOT ANSWER THEIR PHONE CALLS! If the rescission material is not there as required by the laws of whatever state you bought the timeshare you may have grounds for cancellation.

Look at your paperwork QUICKLY and contact a lawyer if necessary.Also, check the web page of whatever consumer protection agency or attorney general of the state in which you bought the timeshare for helpful information and try to contact someone if necessary.

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