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I was on a timeshare tour with Westgate Resort at Myrtle Beach on 07/29/2016. We purchase on the 07/29/2016, their sale pitch was amazing and the rooms were lovely.

On 07/30/2016 we was approach by another company that offered timeshare. He said several things that made us research Westgate and other timeshares. We decided on 07/31/2016 to cancel the timeshare. On 07/31/2016 we returned to Westgate and spoke with Tatiana Gonzalez.

We explained that we did not want the timeshare. She continued to try and persuade us to buy the timeshare at a lower price. She stated that everything was going to stay the same. We will continue to be able to use the timeshare every year while paying the maintenance fee every other year, and the same room as the previous timeshare we cancel, but something was very different about this transaction.

We were signing all paper documents which the day before we sign everything electronically. I asked her for copies and she said okay but instead she handed it to me on a CD-ROM. I was wondering why would you take all that time to scan these papers on a CD-ROM instead making copies. I had kept the CD-ROM from previous cancel timeshare and I compared the documents with the newly purchased timeshare.

It was an awful discovery; I was missing several documents and they scanned old information on the CD-ROM from the cancel timeshare. I was missing signatures on several documents plus the most important document was the Attorney Disclosure and several other documents are missing. I have asked them to cancel and the recorded calls states that it will be cancel. Tatiana Gonzalez acted on behalf of Ashley MCCLELLAND who was not present during this transaction on 07/31/2016.

She also had someone else to notarize our signature that was not present in the room. We never met or heard of Amy E Lehman that notarized our signature. If this is not illegal information I do not know what else I need to prove regarding this company.

I also have documents and recording from several calls in which I have spoken with Tatiana Gonzalez and others from the company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westgate Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Selling timeshare base on False information.

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Cancellation of a timeshare needs to be done in writing. You can't just call them up.

Might I suggest that you just stop going to timeshare presentations? It will save you a lot of anguish and agony.