10/06/2011 I am starting a class action and the person you need to contact is Aldo he will fill you in on the details.The more people the better 4077303230we have west gate on many levels of consumer fraud at state and federal levels.I need your help to make this a success. The sooner we get started the sooner west gate will be behind all of us.Hopefully this will help future people from becoming the victims of this scam that has been going on for years.It is their time of reckoning.I wish us all the best.


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We have an attorney the someone has signed a retainer and he is taking the case.Here is the contact info The attorney is waiting to take your call ; JTB Law Group

1-201 360 0251 his direct phone, call ASAP

FAX; 18555825297

E;mail gianmfanelli@jtblawgroup.com



Here are some agencies for everyone to contact that are on this class or people whom are fed up with west gate and their deceptive practices. The more people that contact all these agencies the quicker they will be investigated for fraud and ethics on state and federal charges.

1)FTC 1(877)382-4357

2)HUD 1(800)347-3735

3)Bureau of Compliance,Regulations and Complaints,Orlando 1(850)488-1122

4)FL Dept of AG and Consumer Services 1(800)435-7352

Out of FL 1(850)410-3800

5)Div of Consumer Services(timeshares) 1(850)487-1395

6)FL Public Service Commission 1(800)342-3552.

If everyone and I mean everyone that reads these posts contacts all these agencies they will have plenty of ammunition to go after them on several State and Federal charges.Lets give them their just action for all of their deceptive practices and fraud to all they encounter.


It looks like there will be a closing date of no later than December 31 to join and this goes forward.


Bruno, keep calling until you contact them.Read my post here about what is the best time to contact them.


the phone provided sound busy contact me I want to join.


The best time to contact them is just after 9 a.m.eastern standard time or around 1-2 p.m est. I spoke to the receptionist today and she stated people are still calling on a daily basis and joining so keep calling until you get a hold of them. It will be worth it to get on board and join the list.


Call again I have found the best time to call is just after 9 a.m.eastern standard time, or around 1-2 p.m.


I spoke to the receptionist today and she stated people are still getting on board on a daily basis,so keep trying until you get a hold of them.It will be worth your effort.


I called and left my phone number for above law suit but as of yet they have not called back. I dont want to miss out being part of this. Is it normal to not hear back within a couple of weeks of calling or should I call again?


Can someone explain to me ...why I am an owner for years now, Have paid Taxes and Mortgage payments but when I try and book my Vacation timeshare week in Myrtle Beach ..

I am told there are rooms available the week I want the end of November ... But NOT for timeshare Owners ... ONLY Paying nightly rate guests ....

You see this WAS NOT relayed to me during my initial purchase nor was I ever informed of this BS Policy. I mean if there are rooms available ( MEANING NOT PAID FOR ) why would I not be able to pay my 140.00 exchange and go to a resort closer to my home in NJ ?

Since Westgate has decided to not respond to my concerns I'll post my questions all over the Internet ..............

I Imagine someone will get back to me sooner than later ..609-254-6592 Mark Romano


The phone number is in the post after the more people the better.

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