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My husband and I went to Orlando, FL. in January on a "paid in ful" vacation.

We knew we would have to listen to them to try talking us into a time share. We didn't buy one. Now in September they want us to pay $1498.00 for not using the Las Vegas part of the "vacation deal". I don't plan on paying it.

Will get a lawyer if they try to collect.

It seems our time for using the "vacations" has expired and now we are "required" to pay for the secondary ticket???? Of course they had a "messenger" call me with this information.

Review about: Westgate Resorts Vacation Ownership.

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Please, what happens if I stop paying my timeshare?

Can it damage my credit?


We got scammed a few years ago and not we fighting back, and finally we trying to get a list together to work with.

We need your full name , phone, total amt. you paid Westgate no later then Nov, 12, 12.

No I am not a scam. Kevin and I refused to let Westgate and Also Aldo G. Barbolone Jr. Class Action. and after 1 year he dropped all of us??

I am for real...


I have a timeshare in Florida, what can you guys do to get it out of my name so I do not have to pay the fees anymroe, thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.


If planet Hollywood Westgate were sold , Why is Westgate still trying to take your money? I call that they are jail birds trying to steal your doo.

Are their any Class Action ? Please sign me in.


Westgate Planet Hollywood, took our money too and it their responsible to pay us back. Put your name on the investigation victim scam's list with the FBI in Fl .

Do not give them another cent. We all have been Duked and that is fraud.


This might be information that will be of some help to you....Planet Hollywood is not owned by Westgate any longer. It was sold to the Hilton family of hotels.

Best of luck to you. :eek

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