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My husband and I has been owners since 2000. We've just spent a week in the vacation villas.

The vacations villa need major updating, the so called free breakfast was subpar and the BBQ was terrible. The rolls were hard, pulled pork was nasty. I got a chance to see what they served people for the timeshare presentation it was way better than what the owners recieved. And the exchange fees are a scam.

$150+$500 to book a alternate date unless you book 30days before you check in it will be $150.

If it's a holiday week it will be $150+$250 if you book in 30 days before check in. So if you don't use your schedule week forget it.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #870466

Thank you for taking a moment to review. Based on the ownership, there will be exchange fees along with seasonal upgrades.

Based on your review, you own Value season and this is off peak season to and to change to any other season or go to a holiday week fees with be involved.

As stated in the public offering statement there may be fees with trading of time. We hope this will clarify your concerns

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