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Westgate; where do I start? I am a 25 year old female with a four month old and a 6year old.

I was told I would receive a "free gift" IF I went on a tour of the west gate villas. After 5 long hours, a stale breakfast, and 4 grown (old) men taunting me into purchasing a "traveling vacation home" I have in. In the back of my mind I knew not to do it! It isn't worth it; this isn't MINE, I can't go when I want, I only wt ONE free week, I have to pay to stay, I don't have access all over the world unless I am a GOLD member, I don't vacation a lot, I don't want to pay fee after fee after fee!

No I don't want to do it, NO, No, NO, No, I am nervous, I don't want to do it! They gave me EVER reason to do; give your family a better life! There's men suckered me into the worst choice of my life! All that was on my mind was taking my daughter to seaworld and enjoying the last day of my vacation.

You may ask, well, why did you do the tour?! A bribe! Free seaworld tickets here! I didn't know I would be at west gate with 4 evil men trying to *** life away from me in 90 minutes.

YES, never had heard of timeshare before and I had to make a choice in 90 minutes "to better my daughters' life! Well, it's the next day and guess what?! I am sending my writeful resignation letter in tomorrow morning! I'm not "buying" or paying *** to westgate!

They are money suckers! I needed time to think, step away, gather my thoughts. I wouldn't by a car spontaneously in one hour so why buy a "traveling condo" that I can only visit one week of the year?

Well, the only positive thing I can say about the westgate creeps, they are GREAT at conning, annoying, and forcing you into signing a *** paper! Oh, and I only had two hours at sea world with my daughter after a day with the WEST *** resort!

Product or Service Mentioned: Westgate Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Those evil men were trying to help you!


no one can force you to buy and what is wrong with useing a property for one week if you buy a good program you get more use of it if you buy a 6000 condo your stuck in your week the more you buy the better the package same with anything if you think you were coming to westgate to get free tickets nothing is free in life timeshare is great if you want to vacation 1 week or however many a year yes it cost money so does vacationing when you pay off your timeshare your kids great great grandchildren can vacation with the package if you are so self centered that you think because you own with a company that omg they revolve around you now and getting pissed when it does not than thats your problem not theirs on the other hand if you use your week or weeks every year like clock work than it works but thats just me i love my timeshare with westgate I go on 3 vacations a year just this year I have been to paris and cancun and I am going to the bahammas in dec. it cost me less than 600 bucks for all three trips yes there was an innital cost but why so my kids can do this all there life *** yea just sayin


It is hard not to recognize your anger. However, you have done the right thing by rescinding.

Congratulations! Just make sure you follow the instructions to the letter. And don't take phone calls these sleazeballs. Move on and forget this chapter in your life.

You don't need their product. And tell your friends.