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I'm a westgate owner and i was told my a rep of westgate that my bonus week was going to expire that i was able to use it where i wanted to go which was south Carolina several times i call and they had no rooms you have to book 11 month befores so they said we can use it at the las vages casino resort so we did i book for a week then after booking a got some special 3 day 2 night for 50 i took the offer then i got another email same offer we took it too so are stay was july 2 threw july 15 2015 the day we were leaving a got a call from david Franklin he was making sure we were coming i said yes then he said when you get in the hotel their a vip line for westgate owers where you can check in fast to your room ok i said he mentioned if you need anything just call me ok, we walk in the hotel check in and the girl at the front desk check in are at 11am i reply but i pay for a early check in for july 2,15 yes but it not 11am it 3:45 am so i ask to speak with a mgr she go and get amanda i told her the same thing she said no it not in the computer you have to pay full price but I'm a westgate owner it not in the computer so i walk away i call daivd at 3:45am to him what going no with my check in no worry tell me make some calls ,he calls me back to go to the vip line to check ok i go and i see the girl on the computer im waiting and waiting finally i just walk up to her she check me in and charges me for the night after i had already pay for put david made sure i was going to get my money back for that check in the next day i meet with him he tell me he took care of it that the mgr was looking in to it her name is kara i was introduced to her and she aployizes for amanda

Rudens and gave us a cabana for a day that we didn't use the whole two weeks we were their so they say we have shuttle buses to take you to the strip down town ok thank you it was good for the first few days then the driver were making up their owe routes we will go to the front the driver said no you gave to go towards the sport bar and use that shuttle bus to the strip he will no I'm not going that route thr shuttle bus in the front is go I ng that way it was a front to back service finally we go on the shuttle bus to the mgm hotel for tickets walk to the ti hotel wait f pi r the shuttle bus for a good 90 minutes i got mad call the hotel to see where was the shuttle bus they put me on hold for 20 mins then after waiting the bus get there and we sit their no AC on the shuttle that same day we were go I ng to a show i call westgate to find out what was the time for the last shuttle they said 12.45 am ok we walk after the the show to ti hotel wait she get there i ask her to vages casino resort she reply no I'm not going that route put they said you were the last shuttle coming here for pick up yes but not that route vety rude she reply finally she said get in after sitting down she get off the shuttle to make a call to a other shuttle to come and pick us up then she said for the 4 people that are going to the casino resort you can wait out here by the brench their a shuttle bus coming to pick you guys up here when she said that i look at her and got up ok not a problem but wait yoh can wait inside the shuttle i have the AC on ,no that ok well then i will stay here to make sure the other shuttle bus come no i reply no you can go their no need for for the shuttle bus pick us up at the hotel i ask the driver for the lafy name roberta om have a good nith walk in the hotel ask yo add peak to a mgr no one mgr,ok in the morning i come down to speak with david Franklin he tell me I'm sorry i ask to speak with a mgr he bring sam banano as im talking to him he laughing like if i was telling him a joke i got very upset why are you laughing it not funny how can you allow a driver to *** people off the shuttle bus what kind of costumer services is that he just laughing alway the mgr Sam Banano i walk alway david tired to tell me to come down that he will fix what happen and nothing was taking care of then i needed lundary service call down for price the guy said theirs a bag fold in your closet with prices bring your clothes down at 9am to get it back at 9pm same day put their no proce on the check right he said that why we put them there ok i didn't want service from the hotel so we walk all the way to Maryland st. to do lundary at 110 degrees i was amazed at the services we were getting and no mgr was call me to aployizes everyone in the hotel had the title of a mgr . Then i call costumer service to speak with cythia and she reply theirs nothing we can do for you could their no papers fill out of everything you are saying and you are check out already so theirs notjing we can do for you no more very rude too my 2 weeks other were bad not was i was told this hotel will be no i would not tell my family and friends to go there .what a vaction of *** going to vages at the end we just end up renting a car because of roberta service and the mgr laughing in my face the whole time.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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