My husband and I just bought the travel package from Westgate I seem to think that we done the right thing, but still kinda unsure

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Pensacola, Florida, United States #871366

I hope you didn't buy it! I purchased it and it turned out to be a lockin rate in case we decided to purchase a timeshare.

We paid $1295.00 plus interest and when we went on our first trip were told that we didn't have any other trips and the only way we could use the money we paid was to buy and they would put it towards a timeshare. I refused to sign off. They even wanted my husband to sign off saying we refused to purchase and he wasn't even on the contract. They are still calling leaving messages that it's important to call them.

The sales rep took the paper that I signed to have it printed and the paper he came back with was not the same. With his fast talking smooth scam, I didn't pay it any attention.

I don't know what course of action I'll take. I paid it all with a credit card, so I'm going to go to my credit union to file a fraud claim with them.

Morrisville, North Carolina, United States #858963

My husband and I just brought a in Orlando great deal but after reading reviews not to sure about thiz.

to angie #862384

I would advise you to RESCIND immediately. You have bought something completely worthless.

Timeshares from even decent companies (which excludes Westgate) can be had for $1.00. There is probably paperwork buried in a hidden velcro compartment in the material Westgate gave you with instructions how to rescind. DO IT IMMEDIATELY. Also, DO NOT CALL THEM!

If you bought in Florida, you only have 10 days from your purchase date! For more instructions, check the boards at www.tugbbs.com.

After you rescind, see the movie "Queen of Versailles" and you can see what this "great deal" is really paying for.


Thank you for your concerns. A Travel Club membership is a great program to be invested in.

You can go to any Westgate resort and pay a flat fee for an entire week! You can also take additional getaways with the membership. Please call our Travel Club department for more information. Our Travel Club agents would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with booking your vacation!

Their phone number is: 800-875-1817. Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm and Friday 8am-7pm EST.


I would recomment that you look in the "secret compartment" for the rescission instructions and follow them immediately, if it is not too late. There is no way that this is a good deal.

If you can't find the compartment, check various web sites for an address to send the CERTIFIED letter. Do NOT call Westgate (or take phone calls from them)!

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