Kissimmee, Florida
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We have been dealing with Westgate since the 90's. The sales people and their managers are liars.

They tell you that that can help you sell your timeshare,,,,,that is a lie. Once you purchase a timeshare you are doomed for maintenance fee until......If you stop paying maintenance they will put a lien against your property. The resort is a nice place for vacation. Just don;t like the way the handle business upstairs.

You have to sit in a sales meeting and if you decide to purchase that takes another two hours. Now if have to type at least one hundred words.

I don't really have anything else to say. One hundred words.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westgate Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Westgate Resorts Pros: Nice facility, Outstanding facility and location.

Westgate Resorts Cons: High pressure and lies.

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a timeshare is buying air. you own nothing and there is no re sale value.

Westgate salespeople are lying leeches.

they have no ethics and their greed is encouraged. if they didnt lie, NO ONE would buy these disasters.

If you were sucked in, DONT GIVE UP>

Go on EVERY website4 to tell people what this is. Davis segal should be in jail.


Thank u so much for posting. They are the most trash people on earth.


People seriously need to know how terrible the wifi is at these Westgate Resorts,and Westgate Villas and The Lakes are the worst. I have been to both with the same experience trying to use the wifi at both resorts.

The guest that come here are expecting to be able to use the wifi to have internet access because its one of the resorts main selling points. The wifi here is free for owners, but cost guest $40 per connection and its not even worth $4 a connection and everyone that works for the resort knows its. The equipment they use for the internet at these Westgate Reports is pure junk I should know I work in the tech support field myself. They are not even build for businesses like these resorts.

They are designed for residential homes, so that alone should let you know they are not going to work well at these resorts. When the helpdesk cant fix the issue over the phone they say its going to be escalated to their Tier 3 level of support. I don think that there was any type of Tier 3 level support because during my stay there, there was never and I mean never any type of status update of when the issue was going to get fix.I called the helpdesk everyday of my vacation. During my entire week stay they never had or was able to get any type of date as to when the issues was going to get repaired, and on my last day before I left I called and they still didnt have any update on a resolution to the wifi being down.

I spoke with other people at the resort as well and they had similar experiences with the wifi as well.

The wifi is pure *** and people need to know this before they come to any of these Westgate Resorts. They are going to be throwing their money away if they pay for the poor excuse for internet access via their wifi connections.


All Westgates (in every city) are a timeshare scam even the wifi is a scam. It's only free for owners, not any one esle, but even though its free your till not going to be able to use it.

It cost upto $40 per user.

Stay away from all Westgates your just going to be throwing your money away. These places will suck your money dry and you have nothing to show for it but disappointment.