Del Rio, Texas

My husband and i were lied to mislead and manipulated into buying a timeshare. We were told we were picking up someone elses unit that upgraded and had VIP perks said we were get one week in vegas that we could go whenever we wanted as many times we wanted but our stays could not exceed a week at a time.sales rep even mentioned the idea of renting unit online and having it pay for itself,that resort had no control of us doing officer even agreed when we asked her just to make sure we understood.

When it cane time to closing she said oh im just gonna give u a summary of what each page states cause if u want to read it it will take forever,she then turned on a recorder (turns out they destroy after 45days)...... So my downpayment was split into 4 amounts 1 given same day then remaining set to auto draft, i call yesterday because a friend wanted to rent it from me and im told contract is only 1 week per year!!!

Now i imediately responded the way anyone would in a panic i asked rep well can i cancel since i havent even completed my downpayment she informs me that i can stop payment at my bank but i would fall under a purchaser default and be reported to credit agencies i only had 5 days from date signed to cancell. Sed she would forward to supervisor and they would listen to recording and when i commented if i would be able to hear it too she said NO only way is if i sopena it but on a later phone call was told they only keep tapes 45 days....if i pay monthly min means for the next five years i would be taking a yearly trip that would cost me 1500.00 without airfare or food...they are evil people preying on the nieve and should be brought to justice

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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