Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We went to a presentation after being roped in with the free gift of discount Disney tickets from the car rental place. From the time we walked into the place it was chaos and calamity!

No order, no hospitality, and just crowded. Myself being pregnant did not want to be tied up all day in this bs. We managed to make it to the presentation with this guy German who seemed nice at first, however portions of his story just didn't add up. I personally couldn't imagine leaving solid stable jobs to now sell timeshares.

However he gave us the pitch and the tour. By the 60 min make I was beyond ready to go because even if we would've gotten a timeshare that place wouldn't have been it, it didn't sell itself. I constantly told them I use my fathers timeshare and they didn't seem to understand FREE vs their pricing. But continued to insult intelligence despite our attempts to tell them no nicely.

Once we returned from the tour he brought over his *** of a closing manager that tried to identify with us because we came from philly and he was supposedly born in the "ghetto" of. Philly. We are both suburban living African Americans, he was white. Don't try to relate.

When he explained it all down we still didn't want the place and he then turned into a forceful ***, basically arguing with us and then throwing our lives back in our faces like that would make us buy sooner.

Needless to say I was pissed and getting stressed and trying my hardest not to curse them both out! If I had to pick a place to stay based on experience alone it would NEVER be Westgate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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