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My husband and I attended the 90 minute presentation. Everything was going great until it came down to the selling part. We did not plan to purchase but we considered it. Our sales person got rude when we said we couldnt do it today. She repeated herself about 5 times stating we said money was an issue and we were wasting her time. Then she got her manager involved who disrespected my husbands job and pay AND said if you want to make 200k a year come see me. Who says that?

My husband is a sales guy and has been for 20 years and knows the sales game but he would never pressure his customers to buy if they were not yet able to. I know he wanted to punch the manager in face.

But its a waste of time and not worth the discounted hotel we got or the free tickets to Universal Studio's. I am appalled by this company and the fact they think its okay to treat people like that.

At the end we had to walk back to our vehicle which was half a mile away. Lesson learned WE WILL NEVER ATTEND ANOTHER TIMESHARE SCAM!

Product or Service Mentioned: Westgate Resorts Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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OMG, I had the worst experience there on June 28, 2016. George from Westgate was in Universal Studio two days before.

He offered $100.00 for a 90 min presentation. The 90 min presentation turned into a 4 hour "Im gonna make you buy this". St the beginning Susann was very nice and stated that she didnt expect me to buy this and only needed a yes or no at the end of presentation. Well, I said no, at that time Gabrielle shows up to convince me otherwise.

I said no numerous of times. He worked the numbers lower and lower. I continued to say no. Susann, says do it for your daughter.

Excuse me, I do alot for my daughter and always will. Im a single parent, so....... Susann and Gabrielle continues to come for me. I mean NO doesnt mean NO at this place.

They then try to make you feel bad for coming for the $ that their representative offered. Not mine, but theres. I came, I saw, I said no, and was ready to go. I never felt so pressured in my life.

So what he lowered the price. They acted as if it was done just for me. I felt so irritated.

I didnt buy, but my God they just dont give in. Horrible experience ever!


Good for you. A timeshare is about as positive as an STD, and a lot more costly.