Winchester, Nevada

Ok I try not to complain.......well not too much but these fools done lost their minds. After I ate and went up to my room, I still had not gotten my towels I requested, nor the rod replaced.

Ok earlier my baby boy almost fell in the shower but luckily I was there to catch him but in the process the rod, shower rod screw became detached so I called and called and still nothing. I did not leave out to 5 pm and now at 1:30 in the mornting you wanna ring a phone and send a huge man in the room after I already explained to the front desk at midnight that we are going to sleep ???????? That big ninja scared the heck out of me. My heart is still pumping hard.

What the heck really ???? JESUSS!!!

Who does that.........theses fool really disturbed me I was knocked out!!!!! Corporate will be getting a call!!!!

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