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Westgate. Gaithersburg.

Not happy. Paid $160 for 4 days 3 nights in exchange for a 90 minute presentation. Ok. We ***.

Resort was beautiful and staff extremely helpful. Now to presentation. We were on time but weren't officially greeted for 20 minutes. We informed the rep of the time he had left.

He stated he understood. Ill make it quick. Rep chatted for an hour then wanted to show us the resort. We told him you have 10 minutes left.

Another 30 minutes goes by and still chatting. Sales manager Paul comes over and we told him your time is up. He continues to talk we turn our backs on him. His manager comes over and we elevate our voices that it has been two hours and your time is up.

He signs the required document and we leave and enjoy Gatlinburg. They tried to be smart but we were smarter. We tried to be nice and polite but they ignored us. Oh well.

We made the right decision. Don't fall prey to this foolishness.

Thanks for your reviews.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #895218

My husband and I did the same thing. They we friendly until we insisted we were not interested in purchasing, thats when the manager became extremely rude.

He said we would not receive what we were promised because we wasted their time. But, because we did receive because my husband showed them a thing or too.

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