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Asked for interior type room at resort, did not want to enter from outside bldg. I was told no problem.

I get to Gatlinburg, TN and there I was standing looking up at 2 pretty steep hills to walk up to get to our bldg. and room. Got up there and didn't even get to the room before my husband and I turned around, and went back insisting for something else. This looked like a run down Days Inn.

We did get a different bldg., interior room and stuff, but...we went down to the pool in the evening, which it was still open, to only find ducks were in the pool, ***, feathers and they would not leave us alone, we got out complaining, we were told they can do nothing about it. I am not about to get *** from a bird on me, haven't they heard how dangerous bird *** is to humans and to be floating in a pool with it. No returns no refunds offered. In fact, I will never go back.

I got home and decided to write, they never ever even called us, wrote to us by mail or emailed us.

I am so over Westgate if you stay there, prepare to be in a what I will call Not a resort, days inn was never a resort was it?

Madisonville, TN

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Beware of Brett Chaffin #48481 and Sales Manager Martin Frye #28202

at this Resort. They will lie and break the law to induce you to sign the westgate contract.

Do not sign the westgate contract. The salesmen will lie to you and tell the consumer he or she can make a profit from purchasing the time share. This is a lie and in the contract that they will try to rush you through it states I or we understand that no representations have been made as to investment potential or resale profit. Brett Chaffin a Evangilist westgate time share sales man will tell you your going to make a ton of money with this timeshare.



We deeply apologize for your experience at our River Terrace resort. We did speak with the resort regarding this issue.

Since the resort is right beside the river it does bring in a lot of ducks and other wildlife. The resort does have maintenance personnel on site that will clean the pool and try to get the ducks out of the pool area. However, since you went to the pool in the evening the maintenance personnel may have already left for the day. The Front Desk unfortunately is not allowed to leave the Front Desk area, which is why you were told they could do nothing about it.

We were advised that the resort will now have maintenance personnel working for all shifts of the day to make sure the pool area is cleaned and keep ducks out of the area as well. We hope you will allow us to exceed your expectations in the future.

Thank you.

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