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Update by user Jun 03, 2015

I/We have not heard a thing back from Westgate reguarding any of our issues. They keep calling and wanting more money.

Like that is ever going to happen....NOT. They are nothing buy scammers and liars please do not get involved with them

Original review posted by user Jun 03, 2015

We purchased this timeshare in 2012,for $9000.00.When asked if we could take some time and think and talk about it they said that the sale price would not be the same and we could not come back if we didn't take the deal.

When we returned home and contacted them about selling it back to them they said they don't do that, so we asked to speak with our sales rep. and guess what he didn't work there anymore. We were told many lies about how they work and run. We soon realized we had been royally scammed into buying this timeshare.

They told us if we wanted to sell it back to them at anytime we could and that was a lie.As well as many more.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of timeshare from Westgate Resorts. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $9000 and wants Westgate Resorts to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was dirty room, scammers, poor customer service and mis information. Author liked the most northing. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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you can get them on harassment

to Anonymous #1019286

How do I do that now??

Carlsbad, New Mexico, United States #995920

We were approached in las Vegas. It sounded like such a scam I refused to buy.

As soon as they realized we were not going to buy we went from royalty to subhuman. After we left I looked complaints up and found thousands.

Thank you for posting this. I truly hope more people read this before they get scammed..


It appears that you own a timeshare and you were tricked by a shrewd salesman. Your contract had a rescission period, but you are surely past it.

I would suggest that you read your contract as you have rights to use Westgate properties.

You might also consider joining TUG ( where you can get help with suggestions on how to use or sell your purchase. Most timeshares are "sold" - not "purchased." It is the nature of the industry.

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