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My family and I travel at least 2 times a year. It's very important for my husband and I to create wonderful memories with our children ages: 16, 12, & 8. We decided to visit Westgate Resorts for our summer vacation. We were told to check in at Westgate Lake Spa Resort prior to checking in at our room at Westgate Palace. We traveled 1 hours via car and arrived a little after 9PM.  We told previously that the Welcome Center close at 9 and we should check in at front desk. Entering the lobby of Westgate Lake, I headed straight for the front desk. A young lady who asked how may she helped me, seemed distracted looking over my head and not making eye contact. I explained to her what I was told and was checking in. She abruptly stated the welcome center was open but failed to show me where it was located. My husband pointed to the area and we proceeded. At the welcoming center a young lady asked me if we needed help and began taking my information only to be interrupted by a gentleman who stated that he wanted to take over to train a trainee. I couldn't believe it, we were exhausted and this guy wanted to train someone at closing. Well once again I was face to face with someone who failed to acknowledge me, greet me and give eye contact. He completed the entire transaction talking to his trainee about the steps needed to take but failed to show how to respect the customer. Once he was done,  he failed to tell me how to get to Westgate Palace,  so I just said I would GPS the location. Once finally reaching Westgate Palace,  I headed for the front desk that was surrounded by security laughing and socializing I had to literally squeeze my way through.  I did report my entire experience to a salesman and customer service manager who stated she would handle it and make it up to my family,  but never did. They did nothing,  absolutely nothing to compensate me for the stress and aggravation experienced by their staff. Your customers has to be a priority.  I can spend my money anywhere!!

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We really appreciate your comments on your stay at the Westgate Palace. Our staff is carefully selected and trained to assist our guests in a very polite and attentive way, following our company standards of customer service; for that we are sorry to hear that you did not feel the same way. We will pass this information to our resort management team, as well as the executive team, to prevent these issues from happening in the future.


Take this experience and turn it into a positive one. Some people go to these dumps and have a good ol' time, only they get suckered into going to the timeshare presentation and then end up signing up!!!!

Your story compared to others on here is mild. Most have lost several thousands of dollars.

You're lucky to have experienced what these dumps are really like. Could you imagine paying $5,000-$10,000-even $25,000 for a timeshare with a lifelong commitment to maintenance fees and then have to stay at these so-called resorts?!?!?

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