Ava, Missouri
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We went to presentation they said we need proof of how much we make,then asked us to leave property after telling us they would give us 3 nights,they threatened to have me arrested,these people are scary,we will never go near these resorts,they called us and begged us to take tour then did this to us,they probably are selling these times shares to people who can't afford them CROOKS.we are not about to give these crooks any personal info,they give people candy and cookies and drinks to try to bribe people they are fake,they are charging owners crazy fees,Don't give these crooks your credit card,they will put charges on it

Product or Service Mentioned: Westgate Resorts Sales Representative.

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When they called you on the phone, there was an income requirement at that time,, which you conveniently forgot about. You have to QUALIFY to get the free or discounted things.

They don't sell to people who don't qualify, they ask them to leave. Sorry you got caught lying.


Come on man that's so far off! To take timeshare tour you need to qualify! You don't get free things for nothing!


Have you written the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida?We filed one yesterday.