Chilhowie, Virginia

I signed up with Westgate on October 17, 2015 and now it is October 22, 2015. I have spoken with 2 customer service reps and tried to get out of being a member and even offered to let them keep the $300 deposit if I could just cancel the membership.

They said I could not cancel until the $5,000 was paid in full. We didnt know that when we came home our hours were going to be cut.

They didn't care they just wanted their money. Really bad customer service and it's definitely a money scam!!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Your time is limited to cancel your membership. Did you provide notification to Westgate (i.e., did you send them a letter through the USPS "Official Mail"?

If you telephoned Westgate or went in person to one of their sales offices, they do not have to cancel your membership. You should have sent them the letter "Official Mail", citing (1) your date of purchase; (2) the location of purchase; (3) your contract number; and (4) the specific section of your contract which authorizes you to cancel your membership (or alternatively, the state statute authorizing timeshare cancellation.


You shouldn't have called them. Instead, you should have followed the rescission instructions that they included in the paperwork they gave you.

Given that this is Wastegate, they probably buried the paperwork and instructions in a hidden Velcro folder in the spine of a binder.

Maybe you can still cancel. Send it in certified return receipt and DO NOT TAKE THEIR PHONE CALLS.


In your contract - of which you should have a copy - there are written terms which provide for recission. The recission period varies by state.

From 3 days to 10 days. Please read the recission rights in your contract and follow them completely. You need to send a letter by USPS and postmark it by the last date permissible.

Keep your receipts for the mailing, and make sure it is certified. You should be able to get out of this contract, but do not delay.


You have 10days to write a letter of cancellation and send it certified.


You have 10days to your signing date to cancel in writing. Your letter has to be by certified mail. Get out quick you still have time