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I prepaid for a vacation at Westgate and agreed to a 90 presentation. Unfortunately I had a medical emergency & went to the front desk an hour and half before the presentation time.

I was told it was ok & she hoped I felt better then 2 wks later I got charged an additional $700 as a penalty fee. This is ridiculous.....I was now told by a supervisor that I should have gone to the local ER to provide them with documrnation. I was never told that at the front desk or was I offered a ride to the hospital.

Westgate Resorts are thieves! How do they get away with robbery?

Product or Service Mentioned: Westgate Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Westgate Resorts Pros: Location.

Westgate Resorts Cons: Mis information uncompromising, Fees.

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I understand your complaint as follows: (1) you agreed to a package deal which required attendance at a timeshare sales presentation, (2) you became ill (and Westgate Resorts was not responsible for the illness); (3) you chose not to provide evidence of a medical emergency; and (4) you believe you should not be responsible for paying the penalty as stated in your contract.



have been an owner with Westgate since 2013 the worst decision of my life. I can never get the place or week I want it is always unavailable.

Not to mention the maintenance fees keep going up.

I also was lied to at the five hour presentation. They are nothing but liars they need to be stopped.


Close this company and refund owners their money, even if its only part, this is how disgusted we all as owners feel, some owners would even walk away with no money, just to get ris of Westgate and their thievery.


Did the resort discount to your stay or give you discounted tickets to Disney in exchange for your time at the presentation? If they did, they have to make money too, if every other family did that they would lose and this is how they get a bad name. That and bad customer service.


You talk like you paid for a trip, was unable to go due to an emergency and you didn't get refunded. As it was, you were already going to a something that you weren't even interested so you can get something for nothing.

When you take up an offer like this you need to go by their rules. You had an emergency and broke the terms. They owe you nothing. It's unfortunate that you had an emergency.

Although I just think your a liar. You got greedy. You should have left well enough alone, went to the 90 minute presentation that you weren't even interested in so you get something for nothing and kept your mouth shut. But no, someone gives you a foot and you take a yard.

You should have left the premises after your "Emergency". Are you telling me the after your emergency, you stayed at west gate for nothing and you wonder why you got a bill. It's funny how your emergency had you incapable of a 90 min seminar, yet your emergency didnt effect you from going back to the premises for your free stay. The company would go out of business if everyone used your irrational way of thinking.

They have names for people like you. Your a greedy scam artist that tries to get things for free. Why the *** were in Orlando because I know you couldn't afford Disney World. Unless you method is to trip in the parking lot to get some free passes.

I work at Disney Hollywood Studios and have some advice for you. "Never come to Hollywood Studios because we don't think kindly if people like you and your family. Scam artists like you are not welcome. The only thing your going to get if you trip in our parking lot is a sprained ankle.

Stick to what your able to afford and set up a tent in your backyard. If it rains, maybe Mother Nature will reimburse you for your inconvenience

@Studio Relations

Please read the post.....my stay was not free by any means.....in fact I paid 30 days in advance. Medical situations happen all the time......that's life.....I was unable to enjoy the resort the day prior to my presentation appt , the day of the presentation & I checked out the next morning @ 6:00am.

If I were not booked on an 8am flight the next morning I would have attended the presentation another day & time.

I have no idea what scam you are talking about? I got out of my sick bed & went to the front desk over an hour prior to my appointment time......this is hardly being irresponsible.....I did the best I could....Medical issues happen!

@Studio Relations

Well said.

I owned a Westgate property from 2006 until 2014, and never had any of the problems that others complained about.

Lost it because the company I worked for closed down, and more than 2000 were relieved(No Income). The individuals I dealt with at Westgate were very polite, they tried working with me to help me save my time share but eventually I had too admit I could no longer afford to keep it.


Please tell me what happen when you stop paying need to know