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We are looking for more Westgate Resort Owners to join us in a Class Action Lawsuit against Westgate Resorts.

I'm going to FL this summer and will be passing out business cards and putting them in restrooms and gas station so people can join. I'm thinking that once we have enough people. Maybe up to 2,000.00 I would like to set up an up coming dates for protesting in Washington and FL. They need to hear our voices. I don't mine taking off 1 month to do this. I'm still upset the fact that they can still scam other families.

Please do the same in your home town. There are free business cards on line you can create.

Log on to facebook

type in: Westgate Resort is a SHAM... WOW

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please include me in the lawsuit godisgood1965@gmail.com


include me dalia19652011@hotmail.com


eso esta interesante y me gustaria saber mas, hacen 19 años estoy atada a este engañoy me gustaria salir de el, beneficiada a si como ellos lo estan.


Include me in the lawsuit freerlima@hotmail.comi tried to cancel my purchase and also the Westgate cruise and travel membership and have not been able to do it.


I'm west gate owne and would to join the lawsuit. FMiller740@aol.com


I own Westgate thimeshare as well. Let me Know if there is going to be a lawsuit assan17@gmail.com


I own Westgate timeshare as well. Let me know if there is going to be a lawsuit. hjackson1421@yahoo.com


One solution I can give. Put your timeshare in a land trust sell the land trust.

No transfer fees . That's the only way I would purchase a timeshare.

to Lorne #1515613

can you tell me more about it but i just want tosell it or not having this problem with me.


I am a westgate owner I I want out. they promised the world and I got nothing in return. Type your message here


Would like to join class action lawsuit. If this is a phishing site for an out-time-share legal group that charges thousands, please do not bother to respond. Westgate owner at Elliesnana66@yahoo.com


Yes, Westgate Resorts is one of the biggest scams that needs immediate government intervention. Everything about them, including their so-called credit for owner's referrals, is a sham.


Please add me and my fiancé .


This Time Share is one of the biggest scam. We have this time share for over 20 years now at Westgate Resort its all paid off we have not used it years.

We tried to give it back to Westgate and they want us to pay the tittle change fee of up to $1500. such a ripoff.

to Anonymous #1515619

really when that happened. i have it for 19 years, is really hard but not imposible, im praying to God, to have a way to go out.


I am a Westgate Resort Owner.I would like to join you in a Class Action Lawsuit against Westgate Resorts.Please let me know if this is still ongoingLidia14pana@gmail.com


I want to cancel my membership. I have 4 month and I decide that I’m going to stop paying this bullishness. Lidia14pana@gmail.com


Ruiz,this place is a scam. They tell you everything but when you want to use your time its ether to early than to late


add me to it too

to Joyce Horn #1447252

jbdjb7033@aol.com mycontact info

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