Conyers, Georgia
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We are looking for more Westgate Resort Owners to join us in a Class Action Lawsuit against Westgate Resorts.

I'm going to FL this summer and will be passing out business cards and putting them in restrooms and gas station so people can join. I'm thinking that once we have enough people. Maybe up to 2,000.00 I would like to set up an up coming dates for protesting in Washington and FL. They need to hear our voices. I don't mine taking off 1 month to do this. I'm still upset the fact that they can still scam other families.

Please do the same in your home town. There are free business cards on line you can create.

Log on to facebook

type in: Westgate Resort is a SHAM... WOW

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I want in the lawsuit too. Everything they have told been has been a lie. What do i need to do


Count me in Had our time share for 3 years and haven’t used it!! I was told we can sell in one year but all lies!!!!


I have one with Westgate TN and very unhappy with them


Timeshare owners looking for help against Westgate - check out consumer protection attorneys at The Abrams Firm ( They offer low cost, all-inclusive litigation fee to take on the resorts with their army of attorneys. Go to their litigation page to see examples of the lawsuits already filed and then call for a free consultation with a true consumer protection attorney at (360) 918-8196.


Is the lawsuit going to happen? What is the status of the lawsuit? Count me in.


Who is this Amanda Green?


Is the lawsuit going to happen if so add us to the list


Contact Amanda Green to get your full refund 8656546059 she is the Vice president of sales. I've made her a very rich women.


Please tell me more about this Amanda Green.


Is this real? I want in, they are crooks!!!


Is this lawsuit still going on? Please respond. Thank you


Count me in


I purchased a 3 bedroom biweek timeshare in 2017. I was told I had to use the 3 bedroom within 2 years.

I was also told since I had a floating week that I could come anytime, and I would not have to pay a fee as long as I went to Westgate property.

I tried to book today and my weeks are gone and I have to pay $259 to reinstate them plus I have to pay $188 fee to use the week. When I called, I was told policies change and it is their right to do so.


Please include us in lawsuit


I want to join in the lawsuit they been deceptive in there sales tactic


We want to join as well.


With special assessment fees of $1500.00 and $900.00 maintenance fees count us in. Appear not to be putting money into their properties.


Include me in the lawsuit also


i am interested in your class action suit. I think it is horrible how these companies promise you all of these things and nothing is given.


Please add me to class action suite -