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We are looking for more Westgate Resort Owners to join us in a Class Action Lawsuit against Westgate Resorts.

I'm going to FL this summer and will be passing out business cards and putting them in restrooms and gas station so people can join. I'm thinking that once we have enough people. Maybe up to 2,000.00 I would like to set up an up coming dates for protesting in Washington and FL. They need to hear our voices. I don't mine taking off 1 month to do this. I'm still upset the fact that they can still scam other families.

Please do the same in your home town. There are free business cards on line you can create.

Log on to facebook

type in: Westgate Resort is a SHAM... WOW

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Yes, Westgate Resorts is one of the biggest scams that needs immediate government intervention. Everything about them, including their so-called credit for owner's referrals, is a sham.


Please add me and my fiancé .


This Time Share is one of the biggest scam. We have this time share for over 20 years now at Westgate Resort its all paid off we have not used it years.

We tried to give it back to Westgate and they want us to pay the tittle change fee of up to $1500. such a ripoff.


I am a Westgate Resort Owner.I would like to join you in a Class Action Lawsuit against Westgate Resorts.Please let me know if this is still ongoingLidia14pana@gmail.com


I want to cancel my membership. I have 4 month and I decide that I’m going to stop paying this bullishness. Lidia14pana@gmail.com


Ruiz,this place is a scam. They tell you everything but when you want to use your time its ether to early than to late


add me to it too

to Joyce Horn #1447252

jbdjb7033@aol.com mycontact info


here is my email:jdocampo@ljaapa.com


I would like to joint also in the class action law suit.Some body have to do it!!!!


My husband and I bought our timeshare at Westgate Smoky Mtn. They said we would only have to listen to their pitch for 90 minutes.

4 1/2 hours later after wearing us down we purchased the timeshare.We have never got to use our 2 bedroom due to it not being available. I have tried to get a booking for this year and miraculously everything is already booked for the entire year!!!!! We ended up going one year after our initial purchase and they told us we needed to go to another meeting and it was only 60 min. 3 hours later....They told us that our float season would be going away and they were no longer doing float season and we needed to upgrade so we could get our unit.

So we did.. Still can't get our unit...I really hope something gets done about Westgate.

We are tired of paying each month for something we can't use and the maintenance fees early.... UGHHHHHHHHHH


I want to join in on the class action law suit


I feel I've been scammed by Westgate Resorts, never stayed at the unit I suppose to own, space unavailable when I need it, never got what I was told I'd get,the increase in taxes & fees should be against the law. I want in on the law suit.


Westgate are the biggest crooks


Very interested, they are such liars and have been just terrible.


Please add us too. We found out months later that the type of unit we were told we purchased is not what we actually have.

to Kathleen Butler #1422873

Our email b5saved@yahoo.com



Me too became apart of the fast talking SCAM...What they promise you get, IT was not the case...I AM SO DISAPPOINTED AND WOULD NEVER DO IT AGAIN. PLEASE INCLUDED ME IN THE ACTION SUIT AT TAMMYG1968@YAHOO.COM




Too many lies and promises from sales people. HOA is to much money and is not what they say when I bought the shares and a different unit they showed too.

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