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Room Service was none-existent. We did our own thing.

The worse part was the mafia scam for time share. They first told us that we were invited to a complimentary breakfast that was going to give us an orientation of the things we could do in Orlando. They took us upstairs where we found very little fried eggs and some cub-cut potatoes, and lots of pictures mounted on the wall of the founder and Mitt Romney. There was no way out.

I felt like a total prisoner. The presentation was very sexually offensive and abusive, especially with our kids present. We were very offended. I do not know who would be this *** to buy a time share for that much money.

In a nutshell, they were trying to make us pay for maintaining their hotel and paying the taxes on it, and still pay for our vacations. BIG SCAM. When I told them that I would rather just pay $840 a year for a one week stay rather than pay $3,000 a year for a one week stay and that I was a hopeless case for them and any effort to convince me of their plan was a total waste of time, they got mad at me, they called security when I refused to continue with the *** presentation and they would not let me leave, They refused to sign my discount tickets and they threatened to get me arrested. Their security agent kept following me around because I said that I was going to share my experience online.

I could not believe what happened, and it felt like I was in a totally different country.

I was disturbed for a while. I think what they are doing is totally illegal, misleading, and criminal.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #735981

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

We'll try our best to address each one of your complaints.

As a timeshare, we offer the comforts of home to our guests and owners. Most of our units have fully equipped kitchens and living room areas. Part of being a "home away from home" is not disturbing you with daily housekeeping. Instead, most of our resorts offer a mid-week cleaning 4 nights into a week long stay and, if you wish it more often, that can be arranged. Also, our housekeepers would be glad to bring you extra towels and supplies when asked.

Sometimes we will offer a complimentary breakfast in exchange for your time to show you the benefits and advantages of ownership. We are in no way related to any crime syndicate. The breakfast and presentation is a voluntary exchange and anyone is free to go where and when they like. If there are other things offered, such as discount tickets, we only ask that our guests stay to the end of the presentation and offering in order to receive them.

We are a very family oriented company, and we would not be in business long if presentations were abusive or offensive. We have many owners who appreciate our amenities and how well Westgate fits their family vacation needs.

Our intent is to fulfill our guests' dreams by providing a quality vacation experience, not to "scam" anyone. The dollar amounts you quote do not sound correct at all. We do not get mad at our guests. However, when our staff feels threatened in any manner, they may call Security for their safety and the safety of our other guests. We are sorry that you are assigning intent to our actions such as you described. We only want the best for our owners and guests and for them to have a wonderful stay. Thank you again for your opinion.

Santa Cruz, California, United States #589899

The owner/founder of Westlake is NOT Mitt Romney. It's David Siegel. He started :upset :eek the company from one timeshare he and his wife owned.

to Natalie3733 #625453

The OP said the picture was of the owner AND Mitt Romney--as in, the two of them. Not excited that my payments went into his campaign coffers, and it's particularly perverse, considering that Siegel's customers are definitely from the 98%.

to correction #735646

Siegel and his twenty something lover are crooks.

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