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In 2011 we exchanged to Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort in Gatlinburg, TN through Interval International. While there we very stupidly signed for a timeshare purchase.

Within a day we realized that we did not want it and processed the cancellation within the 10 day required period and the purchase was cancelled with Westgate. BUT even though the sale was cancelled, Westgate gave our name and phone number to a number of timeshare resale companies, who have been calling and calling and calling us over the last 2 years to "sell" our timeshare. I have repeatedly told them that we never purchased the timeshare and have reported several to the Do Not Call list, but they just keep calling and calling.

I am sick and tired of getting these calls and would like to know who to report Westgate to for giving our information away when we NEVER bought the timeshare. I am so very sorry that we ever got involved with these people.

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When you signed the contract at the beginning, there is a clause in it where you agree that Westgate can "give" (its sell actually) to their third party partners. That way they make more money off you.

Below the clause they tell you if you wish not to be included you must do so in writing, and then it could take 30 days to be removed. It shows what scumbags they are, they sell someone a timeshare and then sell their names to a scam resale company. It's all about the money.

If you have a copy of the contract you will find the address on it. If you dont email me, I can dig it up for you.

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