I have been an owner for 5 yrs ,this place is getting worse by the year, i have a wife and 3 children with me, we go to seaworld and spend the day there ,come back to westgate villas i leave the kids and wife and go to the bar / pool at 8pm the bar tender gets a call from the mgr miguel who tells her to give last call at 9 15pm but the bar is supposed to close at 10pm , i travelled a 1000miles to be told last call what a joke ohhhh whatch out for the idiots running in the pool 2 kids where in cardiac arrest because some idiots landed on them i will be selling my share this year ,,,,good luck mr seigal on making $70,000,000 on westgate alone:

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For all timeshare owners or campground timeshare owners that purchased your contract in Tennessee, try contacting the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. You can locate them on the WEB.

Read their instructions under complaints.

Make copies of all your documents. Good Luck.


Well, if you like being the minority, buy here...the racial mix is 80% ethnic and the resort is marketing to ethnic majority by selling the dream vacations of a lifetime and then financing that dream at 18% interest, no one gets turned down, and so what if they don't pay...Westgate just takes the unit back.

If you are ethnic..buy here...


After reading various complains and a few OK's. I purchased a Westgate Studio four years ago.

Purchased on a contract of 1/2 down within 90 days and the balance over one year at no interest. Sounded good in the beginning, after making my down payment. Then the fun began, I was paying the 1/2 down during the 90 day period, and get a telephone call from acct office in Ocala, FL that I was not making my payments, so they was going to convert my acct to a revolving Acct at 17.99%. I proved them wrong.

Next they destroyed 3 of my checks to try and get me back on the revolving acct again. I get a phone call, that I'm 3 payments behind and not going to make the 90 days. So, I had them post the 3 payment on my credit card. I had paid them they was not posted.

Now, they convert my acct to a one year no interest payment. Now the acct Dept loses 2 more of my checks, telling me they are going to again convert my acct to revolving. Again, I prove them wrong, cause they had cash the checks and didn't posted them to my acct. I paid my acct in full as the one year went by.

My fee on maintance and property tax was 349.00 now 450.00 Wanting and demanding payment 6 months pior to when its due. I went to one of their sales meetings to try and sell my time share back. Was told to leave, they didn't buy back timeshares. Westgate sells my name as a timeshare holder .

Then pleads not guilty. I was offered a 3rd of my cost by one of the salesperson to take the timeshare off my hands.


Westgate sucks! they won't resale and they over sell each unit making it hard to get a unit, and maintenance and taxes keep going up!


I'm going to FL this summer and will be passing out business cards and putting them in restrooms and gas station so people can join. I'm thinking that once we have enough people. Maybe up to 2,000.00 I would like to set up an up coming dates for protesting in Washington and FL. They need to hear our voices. I don't mine taking off 1 month to do this. I'm still upset the fact that they can still scam other families.

Please do the same in your home town. There are free business cards on line you can create.

Log on to facebook

type in: Westgate Resort is a SHAM... WOW


my husband and i have been owners (suckers) at gatlinburg tn for 5 years. last week 4/25/10 i have complaint and was directed to amanda i listed off my compliant before i could finish my statement in which i never cursed or was rude to her she held up her hand and said " you can *** and moan all you want it's not changing anything." i was shocked at her statement.

i stood up a left. i walked over and asked to speak to her boss, Joe he was called he made an appointment for the next day he never showed or called us back.

i am writing a letter but this really makes me know that if this is westgate's treatment of owners they are not going to last. :x :x


I am sorry to hear all these negative blogs about westgat. I have owned a unit in las vegas for 4 years.

I love it and so does my family and friends. I was warned by westgate about all these scammers trying to buy my unused weeks or offers to sell (I have not intention of selling) my unit. I checked them out and they are scams, but they have nothing to do with westgate resorts. I think people should read what they buy to find out exactly what your getting.

If you intend to buy a unit from someone, pay close attention to detail, and negotiate the price, I did and saved 7 thousand dollars of the list price for top of the line las vegas.

I travel alot and any hotel regardless of rating can have problems. file a complaint and move on and enjoy your vacation.


Good luck trying to sell. We have not been able to find any reputable broker to sell our Westgate Town Center.

We have been ripped of twice now. They just don't sell.


My wife has trouble with the remote being to complecated do you have a simple remote with out all the bells & whistles

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