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So I was duped! I should have known better, but I fell for the "vacations around the world" and think of the "money you will make in renting" and your kids will love you...

$49,000 - $6,600 deposit.

I signed on the dotted line. The next day I was driving home and started to google the reviews - ouch! I knew I made a huge mistake.

What to do now. Everyone said to look at your contract to see what your "cool off" period is and send a letter to the address specified on the contract. I couldn't find the contract (unbeknownst to me it was hidden in the portfolio they gave me). I called Westgate and spoke with Carmelo, ID# 39284.

He was wonderful! He told me not to worry that he would enter the cancellation on my behalf. I could hear him clicking keys in the background. Carmelo told me that he would call me on Thursday to confirm the cancellation and full refund.

If I didn't hear from him on Thursday, I should call him on Friday. When I asked him for the address to send the certified letter to, he gave it to me. He told me not to mail it until Friday because if they received two requests to cancel they would get confused and it would take a lot longer for me to receive the refund. I found the contract.

It has a 5 day period. I.e., I signed it on Saturday; the last day to cancel would have been Thursday! If I would have believed him and waited until he called me to confirm the cancellation (yeah right) the 5 days would have come and gone.

Very nice company.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. We deeply apologize that you felt lied to or misled; that was definitely not our intention.

We do allow a cancellation period just in case if our owners do decide to change their minds after purchasing. However, we do not deliberately hide the contract from you. We do place it in the portfolio envelope you receive. We do have owners and guests with mixed reviews.

We have owners and guests who absolutely love visiting us and really enjoy owning with us.

We’re sorry to hear you decided to let others’ opinions change your mind on your decision. We hope you will give us another try and come visit us again to allow us to exceed your expectations.

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