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Like others I was duped and purchased a WESTGATE timeshare . Whats worse is my life has changed so I don;t even use it.

Like the rest of you the fees and tax for no use suck. and there is so much fraud you can't even trust selling or giving this beast away. What i think needs to happen is some sort of class action law suit. We post and post and the crime continue's we need to stop waisting time and kick some butt.

The Banks and other people like Berney MADEOFF with our money did get caught yes so we need to make it clear that because you are big and rich you do not hat the right to cheat people and if you do their will be *** to pay. When doing illegal business it should be shut down.. or sell it to help those in need or something.

We need to mean business let them know when they hit us with a rock where going to drop a volcano on them. So lets find others who were able to bring down the big crime bosses and ask for there assiatance in how to get started.

Monetary Loss: $16000.

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North Augusta, South Carolina, United States #1338765

Have you thought about, or inquired into the Westgate Travel Partners plan to help pay for the fees and taxes?


Is there any lawyers hadling class action against. Westgate resort?

Berkeley, California, United States #589383

Ashley to you thanks for sharing your information, I feel as you do that a class action suit is the only way to go to help yourself and other like us!! Brian....

to you nothing said is sometimes the best advice.

They may not twist your arm into your "Dream" but all the smoke and screens, through lies is even worse!! So Ashley I hope you and all prevail in this Westgate Resort Life-mare!!!


On Nov 8, 2012, at 11:56 PM, wrote:

> From: Inez

> I Need everyone's info. before Nov. 12/2012. I will be passing all of our information to the Fed's

> for investigation of Westgate Resort's. I have received more than 10 names at this time. However, anyone want to be put our the list.

> Please send : Full name, Phone Number, Total amount you paid Westgate's Resorts by Nov. 12 2012

> I will be glad to place your name on that "Westgate Scam's Rip-off's list". This is Blatant theft and a scheme to steal people monies, by lies and deceptive, fraud encounter.

> You may check out What happen to one of the Westgate's people; go to Google: Fed gov.cited, Westgate rips offs scam's and check out the James Nicholson .

> Now if you feel that you have been Scammed. It time to fight back. I will not let Westgate hold me Hostage any longer, and keep paying for a timeshare I have never seen, nor spent one night at any or their Westgates Resort's. I have work to long and hard to keep paying for nothing I will never use. We were misrepresentation by their sale's people.

> They told me that everyone want a part of the Las. NV. strip, they are selling out fast, they are worth more money than what we were paying for it, if at anytime we did not want the timeshare they will be glade to take it back, the timeshare will pay for itself. They told us all lies and the list goes on.

> To: "All of the W


I would like to offer you advise but can not figure out what the crime is. We're you held against your will and forced to purchase this or did you just make an irresponsible impulse buy that you can't afford so now your wanting to sue everybody. Please clarify what's going on here.

to Brian #613757

Learn how to spell Brian.... It's "were", not "we're"

Ashley wouldn't have a case if she actually had the opportunity to USE the timeshare she paid for.

Westgate uses brute force, revolting tactics and lies to swindle innocent people out of their hard-earned money. David Siegel should be held responsible for these unethical business practices.

There are 100+ complaints on this site about Westgate Scams- if you're not "clear" on what's happened, then you obviously shouldn't offer up at advice. I think that's the last thing anyone wants.

My thought - You, Brian, probably work for this disgusting company.

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