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We were *** enough to sign a timeshare contract with westgate lakes. As soon as we got back to our room, I checked the price in the timeshare resale in the Internet and found that we were "overpriced".

After reviewing Florida Laws, we sent a cancellation letter thru registered mail to the address as stated in the contract 2 days later. Westgate received the letter the next day. 10 days later, i heard from the closing officer, he said it is not that easy to cancel.

Is this true? The law is there to protect us who area foolish enough to be talked in buying a timeshare as long as you cancel it within10 days.

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Check with the laws in the state you purchased. There are laws in place to cancel most large purchases such as long as you follow the letter of the law.

If the law has in place a statute to protect you in that state, then YES it is that easy to cancel within the stated time. I once cancelled a timeshare that we purchased from following every letter of the law. Why did I cancel..well, because they lied and we found out about it. Simple as that!

Wyndhams deeds are only for a set number of years and not a forever deed like Westgate sells. Now, when you mention resale value, one thing you should look at it the rising cost of vacationing. If we didn't own timeshare, we could NEVER vacation in all the great places we have for the money we have spent. Also, when you buy a timeshare from someone online, did you know that you are selling only the timeshare use itself but NONE of the resort of developer amenities go with that!

So, in other words, all those great things on the resort can only by taken advantage of by owners who bought through Westgate. Now, unless I totally missed the mark, that means, if you sell online, the person buys your time only...but gets no frills with it. That doesn't make it a very attractive resale. However, you can easily trade out with Interval to just about anywhere (which is great) and also you could rent out your unit.

Back to the cancellation part though, if you really want to cancel and follow the law...within the stated time and according to the exact letter of the is simple to cancel...and if you have problems...go to the state you purchased in. They can help you.


I am trying to reach out to the person I believe from Calif. asked about the Deeded address related to Planet Hollywood WestGate Resort, Timeshare on the strip.

and if your deeds are from an Harmon Blvd, Ave. Please fee free if nay one know what I am talking about. WestGate Planet Hollywood Resort. On the strip in Las Vega NV Has rip-off over $17,000.

and I want to join a class Action .

Please respond ASAP

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