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I was pressured into first buying a 2br unit for $20K back in 2009. When I returned in 2010 I was again pressured into "upgrading" to the 3br lock-out unit for $27K. Now that I want out (to save money to buy a house) I have seen the ugly side of this company.

They will not buy it back (although they promised to at signing). They will not help you sell it (although your friendly sales associate offered to help you with any realestate concerns you may have in the future). They are also selling the packages way above market value; my $27K unit is only worth $3K at best on the resale market and I still owe $26K + $800 per year in taxes. They do not report to the credit bureau monthly for the "GOOD" payments but if you stop it will be reported as a "FORECLOSURE" on your credit; and that will prevent you from buying a house for 2 years.

This is a night mare and I am going to see a lawyer on Monday 23 May 2011. If anyone else would like to be a part of a class action suit please join me. I have lots of other ideas to get justice. I am still an owner and that gives me the right to be on the property. I would like to be there warning the inocent people about this scam. The world will hear us if we speak out together!!

My email is candace.frank91@yahoo.com


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I know this was a while back, but just curious what was the outcome?


Is it too late to participate in the suit?


I'm so sad.My husband and I have owned a 3 bedroom even-year July timeshare in Orlando.

We've owned for 6 years now and have never been able to use the weeks due to availability. We have made good use of the 'getaways', but we are paying for something we should already be getting with the $18,000 we already paid. I found this thread when I was looking for a way to sell the timeshare.

Now my stomach aches.It is paid for, but every other year we pay the $800 if maintenance fees and it kills us that we can't even use it.


Here are some agencies for everyone to contact that are on this class or people whom are fed up with west gate and their deceptive practices. The more people that contact all these agencies the quicker they will be investigated for fraud and ethics on state and federal charges.

1)FTC 1(877)382-4357

2)HUD 1(800)347-3735

3)Bureau of Compliance,Regulations and Complaints,Orlando 1(850)488-1122

4)FL Dept of AG and Consumer Services 1(800)435-7352

Out of FL 1(850)410-3800

5)Div of Consumer Services(timeshares) 1(850)487-1395

6)FL Public Service Commission 1(800)342-3552.

If everyone and I mean everyone that reads these posts contacts all these agencies they will have plenty of ammunition to go after them on several State and Federal charges.Lets give them their just action for all of their deceptive practices and fraud to all they encounter.


My finance and I went to Vegas September of last year.Where we were introduced to the lovely Planet Hollywood Westgate resort.

There we met with a representative and sat thru and 90 min presentation. We told the lady from the beginning that we were too young and no interested in the timeshare. She was seemed aggravated by us and brought over 3 other reps to help sell the timeshare where we again said no. They finally offered us a trial period where we could pay $50 per month for a max of 2yrs come back to vegas for a free 7 day stay if we purchase the timeshare and get a refund or just enjoy a vacation on the expense of the money you paid over the years.

So we agreed. In December I contacted Westgate explaining to them that we were unable to pay the monthly payment and wanted to void the "contract" I was told that they could not break the agreement.

Now I have a collection agency calling me and I dont need another debt because I am actually in the process of purchasing a REAL home.Could anyone tell me if they can place this on my credit report even though I have not purchased a timeshare from them?


This company is taking peoples money for their gain to build the second tower.They are hiding behind a lot of paperwork.

They make a big scene you feel excited you buy. They lie about everything. You can not do what the sales persons says. It is in the handbook.

This company MUST be STOPPED!!!The lady who was making the company sound good must be an employee.

to Silent Brooklyn, New York, United States #627099

How can a crock steal your money and get away with it?

Want be long NOW, They are in for a bumpy RIDE. NOW..

I have some good new we have a NEW Attorney from JTB Law Group for a Class Action

Call ASAP, direct, 1201 360 0251

Fax1-855 582 5297

E;mail, gianmfanelli@jtblawgroup.com

PLEASE PASS THIS INFO ON , everyone have a Westgate Timeshare and want to join a Class Action. "Now is the time"

to Ashley Pineville, Louisiana, United States #799796

My name is Justin Netherlin and my email is jneth4971@yahoo.com I was induced by lies to sign westgates contract at Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort in Gatlinburg TN

These salesmen will lie to you and tell the consumer he or she can make a profit from purchasing the time share.This is a lie and in the contract that they will try to rush you through it states I or we understand that no representations have been made as to investment potential or resale profit.

Brett Chaffin a time share sales man will tell you about how much money you can make and :( your going to make a ton of money with this timeshare. LIE.I was scammed by westgate and would love to sign up for a Class Action against these crooks.

I have reached out to ftc, bbb, trec, attorney general of Tennessee.

to Anonymous #1366741

We fell under the same fake promises....at Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort (which by the way burned down last year and we are still obligated to make our payments) - We have not been able to find a way out....we have NEVER been able to use due to availability etc.,



Two years ago, my husband and I purchased a timeshare for $12,000 in Las Vegas with Westgate resorts. Our timeshare is only for every even year. We paid the entire purchase price on the spot. Upon our return to Canada we tried to contact the "notary" (that is what we call the person who witnesses the signing of the deed) and she never returned our phone calls. The Westgate representive who sold us the unit and gave us her personnal cell phone number if we had any questions, told us in the end that we weren't giving this a chance and that we were being too demanding to then hang up on us. Let me tell you that if we had been aware of the cancellation period we would have done it in a heartbeat back then.

However, today we are left to pay the maintenance fees every two years.

At the time when we purchased this even-year timeshare we were told all kinds of promises that have never transpired such as depositing our week with interval international and having the opportunity to exchange our week for another resort anywhere in the world. That being said, we have yet to be able to use our timeshare because of no availability.

No one ever told us we needed to pay our maintenance fees before depositing our week. So that is what we did back in 2010 and still are unable to find anything. And we have until March 21st 2012 to use the deposited week or we lose that week.

Now, after reading posts after posts, we realize we most likely will never get the opportunity to use our timeshare.

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