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This package was sold under the vise that I owed property that I could vacation anytime I want. None of which is true.

In order to reserve a room during the time I want to take a vacation I have to pay a separate service called interval international where I have to deposit my share or reservation almost two years in advance then west gate tells me if my "timeshare" is available during that time and I have to pay a reservation fee. I have to schedule an entire week and to split it would cost an additional fee. I have yet to use any of it, because it is too big of a hassle. So I am paying for nothing.

Tried to exchange for a hotel stay instead. It was cheaper to book the hotel directly.

Worst thing I have ever done....literally throwing money up a monkeys butt. Is there a class action for false advertising....please contact me and I will join.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Westgate Resorts Cons: Fees.

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How much did you pay for that I was sold the same thing