West Gate in Myrtle Beach SC has serious problems. The company cannot complete what they hope to.

General Contractor is laying off people. Problems with the remaining tower costs. Watch your investments.

If you are investing in this project take note. The General Contractor and the owner are not in agreement upon pricing of the next towers. Beware.

This project is in serious problems, all investors should be cautions.

Rumor has it that Dargan is waiting in the wings to complete this project.

West Gate is prompting the public to think they have towers complete, not true. None of the new towers are done.

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Just in case someone reads the "other" comment and believes it.... We were suckered in, in 2006--- the tower was finished enough for tours and they were working on a parking garage....we were showed drawings of a four tower complex with roof top pool, shopping, ect--- IT'S 2013, and it STILL LOOKS LIKE 2006.

BTW, EVERYTIME you vacation with them, they ll do anything to trick you into a SALES TOUR, including lie to you about "papers" that need to be signed....... The employees of this resort sued the owner, WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?


It's 2012 and I became an owner of Myrtle Beach last year and have been very very pleased. Everything we have ever asked for they have went out of their way to get it for us.

The staff is nothing short of great! The tower is finished because that's where we own and stay.

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