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West Gate is the most horrible company ever they lure you in and promise false hopes. Like every other person in this world i work hard and whenever i wanna go on vacation with my family i cant go because they say i have to pay $150 and i am an owner and have paid my ownership and then they say i have to pay $80 per night for a Wednesday and Thursday because apparently i cant start my week till a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and end on a Friday,Saturday,or Sunday that is the biggest nonsense i have ever heard in my life.

I have worked so hard to call to make a reservation and then be denied because i have to pay more then i am. Then when you get to the resort the staff are mean rude they don't care about anyone they just want the day to be over the rooms aren't as you suspect they are sometimes dirty and they have roaches. As well when you become a member their "nice" mood goes away and they treat you like s*it West Gate is the most horrible timeshare in the universe they will cheat you out of your money, cheat you out of your rooms, pressure and lie to you about buying their timeshares.

When you have the one week of your vacation if you want a Two Room Three Bathroom suite 3 to 5 stars they put you in a One Room One Bathroom suite 1-2 star, crappy place because you will hear this over and over im sorry but the room you own isn't available. They are low *** who enjoy ripping off people

Review about: Westgate Resorts Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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