It is amazing that a company that instigated a procedure for the transference of our time-share, has now totally refuted that this took place, even though written evidence has been submitted to verify the validity of this claim.

Whilst staying at Wesgate in Orlando in November 2010 we contacted accounts by phone to see if we could sell back our two time shares.

We had owned the properties for many years and had great vacations all over the world. Unfortunately my wife had found the travel to the states too stressful and the maintenance cost had risen to a rate that was no longer viable. It was our intention to therefore remove this annual burden by selling the weeks.

We were told that they would not buy them back, but they could arrange for Westgate to take them back from us, which would remove all liability for the annual maintenance.

They advised us that there would be a charge of $250 per property, which we paid on our chase credit card.

They explained that the documents would be forwarded to the office located on the 1st floor of the time share offices and notarised by the notary on duty. We would be advised when the documents had been processed and ready for signature.

Reception contacted us and we were shown up to the offices. The notary explained that the properties would be returned to Westgate for a nominal amount.

We signed the forms and double checked with him that the forms received covered both time shares and removed any obligation we had on the properties and the annual maintenance. He confirmed that the forms were a legal document showing that the two time shares had been transferred back to Westgate.

In 2011 we received a request for the maintenance payment for the two properties. We contacted the owners department who asked for confirmation.

We sent by registered post a copy of the certificate of transfer and confirmation of the administration payment.

Later that year we received a demand from Pinnacle Recoveries.

We suggested that they check with Westgate Vacation Villas and Westgate Lakes legal department to verify that we signed the appropriate documents.

7th July 2011 owner relations said they would be passing it onto the appropriate department.

6th September Gizelle Morgan sent us a new set of forms which were not received until 3rd Nov 2011

She explained that the previous forms were not correct. She asked that we sign them and send them with tracking.

The forms were completed and sent via royal mail and the appropriate tracking number was sent to Gizelle Morgan, which was acknowledged on 20th Dec 2011.

4th February received an urgent request to contact Gizelle Morgan who explained that the wrong documents had been executed.

10th February l ask why the confusion as we keep receiving different documents and every time we send documents it costs us equivalent to $40-$50. We were in France and l asked for her to contact us by phone to explain.

10th Feb Gizelle Morgan emails to ask that l just fax copies of our signature on a passport or driving licence.

I send them to her and ask for her to confirm receipt.

11th Feb emailed Gizelle Morgan to see if she received documents.

No reply received.

Receive more letters requesting outstanding maintenance.

19th April 2012 email to Gizelle Morgan to ask what is going on. Why are we still being pestered?

no response.

20th July emailed Gizelle Morgan as l receive more requests for outstanding maintenance and wish to know what is happening, outlining all that has gone on before.

22nd July 2013 received email from Gizelle Morgan, saying she can resend the documents, if we sign them, she will take care of the notaire for the inconvenience caused. And apologizes for the inconvenience caused.

22nd July 2013 email GM and ask for her to email them to me and l will sign and return electronically. Advise that if she wants hard copies, she will need to cover the postage.

24th July receive emails from Pinnacle recoveries.

24th July reply to Pinnacle with a time line of events.

31st July receive email from Arlene Santos

Responded asking if she had received previous email.

23rd Sept received email from Gizelle Morgan saying that the case had been passed on to legal collections

Requested email address and contact name

GM responded that l needed to phone them.

Phoned and spoke to David Silva. Explained the situation. He advised that he would look into it and get back to me.

Arlene Santos phoned me back and l reiterated the problem. She explained that she had sent the information through to Westgate who returned to say that we still owned the time shares and that the forms that we should have signed have now run out of time.

Sent through copies of proof relating to tracking numbers and also the statement that shows the payments to Westgate for the administration charges along with copies of the email communications with Gizelle Morgan.

Pinnacle email and post out repeatedly to request payment and advised that a negative report is being sent to a credit reporting agency and extra cost are being incurred.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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