I do not recommend falling for the Westgate Timeshare scams. Upon being sold this timeshare the sales people were so nice and provided cell phone numbers and said to call them anytime and I was also told I could call and get out of it within a specified period.

Well, after it was all said and done I made numerous attempts to call and not once did either of these individuals answer the phone nor did they return phone messages.

I feel duped and cannot believe I fell into this trap. It's hard to get in touch with them.

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The exact same thing happenned to me last month. When I called to cancel the contract the saleslady said she would do it for me, but she did not.

She outrigth lied and the refund never came back. They even tried to debit a payment from my mastercard. I called back and they hung up the phone. I am chasing down their corporate office to get my money back, but they don't bother getting back to me.

It's so exhausting and frustrating.

What did you end up doing? Did you get anywhere with them?


Here are some agencies for everyone to contact that are on this class or people whom are fed up with west gate and their deceptive practices. The more people that contact all these agencies the quicker they will be investigated for fraud and ethics on state and federal charges.

1)FTC 1(877)382-4357

2)HUD 1(800)347-3735

3)Bureau of Compliance,Regulations and Complaints,Orlando 1(850)488-1122

4)FL Dept of AG and Consumer Services 1(800)435-7352

Out of FL 1(850)410-3800

5)Div of Consumer Services(timeshares) 1(850)487-1395

6)FL Public Service Commission 1(800)342-3552.

If everyone and I mean everyone that reads these posts contacts all these agencies they will have plenty of ammunition to go after them on several State and Federal charges.Lets give them their just action for all of their deceptive practices and fraud to all they encounter.

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