We were given free show tickets and other incentives to listen to a 90 min (turned out to be 3 hours) time share presentation. Upon refusal an alternative offer was presented.

We were told that we were "locking into" a time share price and would receive as a part of this deal 4 weeks of time share usage over three years plus a bonus 4 night 3 day stay at a westgate property.

Upon inquiry when booking I purchased locking in the price!!! What a scam, I'm an educated person and can't believe if I had been fully informed of "the deal" I would have said no thank you!!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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We thought we were buying a 4 week vacation at different locations. Turns out we purchased a lock in price In case we decided to purchase.

On our vacation we went to a presentation and still refused to buy, then was told that the $1295 was paid for the lock in price and could only be used if we purchased a timeshare and we had no more weeks to use. They tried to get my husband and myself to sign some papers but we refused to look at any other papers. We just left!

I told them that I was afraid to sign anything because we had been lied to and deceived. I'm trying to get my payments back from our credit union.


Did you rescind? Check the contract and state law to see if you still can.

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