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Update by user Sep 07, 2013

We ended up signing the Deed back over to them in lieu of Foreclosure. I am very happy with the outcome.

Talk to the main headquarters do not bother with the resort customer service. If unable send letters.

Original review posted by user Aug 07, 2013

My husband and I have fully paid for the timeshare, but we cannot afford to pay for the maintenance. We went to Westgate on 12/28/12 and spoke with two individuals and they told us to write a letter and the property would go in foreclosure.

We wrote the letter the next day on 12/29/12 and did not hear from them. On 6/26/13 we received a collection letter telling us to pay or else. They also went on to say they tried to contact us. None of this has happened.

I have tried to speak with all parties involved, but no one is helping us. all they want is the money and to ruin our credit.

If I had to do it over again I would never of purchased this property. Why can't we give it back once it is paid for?

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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You can always sell your timeshare or give it away as a donation. I have heard that Time Share Travel is a reliable company that accepts both used and donated timeshares.

to Resort Timeshare Ocala, Florida, United States #700615

Thank you all for your comments, but we solved our problem and signed the deed back to them.

to Pita2013 #728781

How did you go about doing this?

to james Meadows Ocala, Florida, United States #728852

James, first u need to own your timeshare, second send a letter telling them u can no longer afford to pay the maintenance and ask them to send the deed in lieu of foreclosure. After two weeks follow up with headquarters not customer service.

U can find the phone number by searching the internet.

Keep all dates and people u contacted. I hope this help and remember to keep following up on the letter.


There are some who say that if you abandon it your credit will not be hurt that badly. If you need the money for a roof over your head, food, gas, medical expenses, etc., just dump Westgate and/or demand a "deed in lieu of foreclosure." Tell them they will not get one more penny out of you. If you already own a house and don't need to buy a car (or borrow money to buy a car) in the near future, you can probably ride this out.

to Victor Ocala, Florida, United States #696606

Thank u Victor, but we already sent a letter on 12/29/12 telling them we can no longer afford the property and to sell it once they receive the letter. We plan on visiting this place on Monday.

to Pita2013 #696778

I recently read that you can give your property to a charity? I tried looking into that to get rid of ours but have been busy getting the kids ready for school.

I will pursue that avenue later after school starts and the house is a little more quiet. I also planned on putting ours on craigslist and listing it for free to see if anyone is willing to take it over. Ours is also paid for and we longer want it after some bad experiences at westgate. I would think someone who is gonna pay 850 for a vacation somewhere anyway is willing to take over the 850 maintenance fee.

I just booked two nights in Ocean city Maryland and the total was 657 for a hotel room on the ocean.

So really just paying the maintenance fee isn't that bad. I just have to find someone willing to take it.

to Anonymous Mount Juliet, Tennessee, United States #697347

Where is the proporty located. We might be interested in taking over the maint. Fees if it gets us enough time throughout the year...you may email your response to shoedog_27@yahoo.com thank you.

Also, what Have you to say about the proporty and the company itself

Thank you.

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