We've been owners in westgate for so long and it just doesn't add up that we are still paying the annual maintenance fee that keeps on going up. Trying to get this out of my hands but with no luck.

There should be a way that you can at least sell it back to them. They just bleed you to death.

And how come being an owner for so long, you still have to pay extra money to change your week. As if they're already not making good money..the sad part is they are still doing it now.

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Westgate, yeah I got sucked in too. The last time there I asked what my timeshare was worth and was told it was worthless by Westgate salespersons.

This is for a week in Kissimmee, deeded Presidents week which is probably the only livable week in Florida and Westgate says "It's worthless".

Meanwhile they're trying to sell me a bigger timeshare. WTF.


They are *** I'm sending them a letter about the rising maintenance fees.


That alone comes to $325 EXTRA on your fees.

We should only be paying "Taxes, Repairs/Maintenance & Housekeeping", which in my case comes to $375


Did you get a response from them? I'm a new dragged in owner and I find when they first sell you the timeshare, they say it would cost us NOTHING to use our property/resort.

But now I'm getting hit with all sorts of fees and I have not even booked my first stay yet!!!!

Soooooo frustrated!! They're money leeches!


I'm also a long time owner of Westgate timeshare. My maintenance fee started as $300+, now it's over $1000!

It's rediculous!

Plus I still have to pay $100 something each time I want to exchange it!


It's *ridiculous.


It's ridiculous*.


The maintenance fee is assessed to provide funds for the resort’s annual operating costs. It also sets aside funds for capital improvements such as renovations and general upkeep of the grounds and structures.

This fee, as well as additional information on your resort, is discussed during homeowners’ associations meetings. We encourage our owners to attend.

With regard to the tax charges, Westgate Resorts does not assess the amount of your taxes. The county in which your property is located is responsible for this assessment and any increases.

If you have any questions regarding the taxes, you may call the county tax office.

Unfortunately, we do not have a buyback program.

However if you are interested in selling your timeshare, we do encourage you to contact our developer services and they can certainly provide you with useful information with ways to sell your timeshare.


Yes, maintenance fees I understand are for the upkeep of the resort, but why are you charging management fees AND maintenance fees?

You're already charging administration fees, so don't tell me its for that.

Also why are you charging for the following:

* MANAGEMENT FEES (Under note 2, this should be covered under Administration fees)


*OTHER EXPENSES (which include: Property administration again been charged, front office, bad credit, fitness center, activities, pbx?, guest services, resort services, transportation, QA services & inventory services) all duplicate charges that should've been covered by management fees. *COMMON AMENITIES? *OPERATING CAPITAL *RESERVES, (which include, Roof replacement, building & painting, pavement resurfacing, furniture, fixtures & equipment & common amenities (again) "I don't think the roof & pavement gets replaced or resurfaced every year" In my case all these EXTRA fees, total over $600. OUTRAGEOUS!!!! This is ridiculous, when I bought at Vacation Villas 12 years ago I was paying $300 in maintenance fees now it's over $1,000. This has to STOP. You have duplicate and triplicate fees, fees for everything, I'm surprise you don't have a fee to wipe your ***. Anyway, that's all I have. I CAN'T WAIT TTO SELL THIS PROPERTY!!! The owner and all you followers are all a bunch of ***