Las Vegas, Nevada
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Whatever you do do not get roped into the free gifts for a 90 minute presentation by the sales reps of this organisation, if you do you will be very sorry. we had one it lasted for over 3 hours we were bullied pushed and they would NOT take NO for an answer, they had THREE people have a go at us, in the end we said we do not like being pushed into decisions on the spot we like to research and think about things, well I am so glad we said NO as we did research and found out that this company is SCAM SCAM they just want your money look on google and research this company and you will find heaps of people saying the same thing. They only want your money no matter what and they will do and say anything to get it even lie and cheat their way through the sales pitch wanting you to share photos of your grandkids puppies cats whatever they can to soften you up to them and then the big presentation begins DO NOT FALL FOR IT THEY ARE SCAMMERS OF THE WORST KIND OF LOW LIFES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WESTAGE CASINOS FULL STOP.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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