Saint Augustine, Florida
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We were pitched that "Weekend Escapes" would be available for $49.00. We have found NOTHING in that price range.

We were also sold exchanges in continental US for $74.00 and anywhere else in the world for $149.00. Never mentioned the $500 use fee when a unit is reserved. And an annual fee for exchange company of $250.00 plus the developer internal annual exchange fee of $150.00

If I were to use my week, it would cost me over $3200.00. That includes the monthly payment, annual maintenance and reservation fee. I know I can get a two bedroom almost anywhere for half that.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Doesn't the "timeshare transaction" seem a little bit weird? You get enticed off the street with a petty bribe - tickets or a small amount of cash.

The promised 90 minutes turns into 3 hours - maybe 4 or 5. You sign a bunch of papers that you have never seen before, as the deal is "only good for today." When you get home and read the contract, you find out that any verbal statements by the salesperson are not part of the contract. And you were told a bunch of stuff that doesn't appear in the contract.

Oh, and if you don't read the contract, you will miss the clause that allows you to get out of it in 5 days (maybe 10). No thanks - I'll pass.