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100 words not enough

Reservations sucks, when I made the reservation they told me that I needed to pay for additional day and room because I couldn't start the week when I wanted because they didn't had a room available. They told me to check in and then they would move me to another room the next day.

Needless to said that didn't happened. I end up staying in the same jacked up room. Why you said that you didn't had rooms available and made me paid for an additional room and day just to keep me in the same room? I tried to get my money back but they never did.

The room I stayed looked like a Motel 6 room, well let me take that back, the rooms at a Motel 6 probably look better. They offered me another room (half way through our vacation) that smelled like the casino with all that smoke. I was traveling with some friends which when they checked in they were told that they needed to pay over 200 dollars. Everything was already paid for no need for the people at the check in counter to asked them for their credit card.

I was so embarrassed, and to top it off they wanted me to upgrade. Are you crazy! After All the disappointments you think that I wanted to upgrade you had once not twice. As an owner I was very dissapointed.

I was expecting an owner treatment but what we received was not.

Got a messed up room (dirty carpet, mold in the bathtub, broken curtain rods, few other things) paid for an additional day and room when was not necessary (why paid for an extra day and room when the room was available for the days I wanted, when they told me that it was not available) and what is more jacked up is that they gave the new rooms or upgraded rooms to non owners. Tell you what after this my friends don't want to know anything about Westgate

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $265.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Westgate Resorts Pros: Location, Amenities, Pool, Proximity to disney.

Westgate Resorts Cons: Your pushy sales men that dont take no for answer, Fees.

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