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We recently stayed at West gate Lake Resort reserving our stay through Interval International. We had a terrible experience from the very beginning of our stay.

Upon arrival we were advised that since we are not Westgate owners we did not have access to the resort amenities such as the Gym, resort facilities such as boat rentals, in additions to all other normal amenities usually available to all guests. We were advised that to have access to the amenities we needed to go through 90 minutes Sales presentation. We exchanged our other property week for a week at Westgate Lakes Resort in Orlando and regret our stay there.

Our 90 minutes turned into a four hour nightmare. The Sales rep was relentless in trying to sell, these are supposed to be licensed real estate practitioners but this man sales practice was less than ethical. While we kept saying we had no interest to buy, the last recommendation he made was for us to add the financing of the week they were trying to sell us under the financing of our home purchase which is irresponsible and illegal.

Here was our experience at Westgate Lakes Resort:

1. Mold in multiple places of the Villa

2. Shower stall dirty.

3. Sinks backed up

4. Florescent light bulbs in the bathrooms would not turn on but 15 min after entering the bathroom

5. Broken oven door

6. Frozen A/C unit, we were without cooling for a day

7. Interval members who are not owners at this particular location CANNOT visit the gym, pools, boat dock/rental, breakfast or lunch specials, other entertainment normally offered to all guests.

8. At one point we expressed that we were in the process of purchasing a home and did not have the cash flow for this expense, their suggestion was to add the cost of the weeks’ vacation to our home mortgage and pay in that way.

9. The cost of the weeks’ vacation with Westgate Lakes started at $78K. They alleged there had been a family who had upgraded their villa from 2 to 3 bedrooms and had returned the one we were being offered. After an hour the price went to $58K, in another hour it went to $28K and by the time we got up and left in disgust, the price was $15K and they would pay for the $2K down payment.

We do not recommend this resort to anyone. Interval does not pre-warn guest exchanging into the property that unless they are Westgate property owners they do not have access to amenities rather have to pay or go through a 90 minute sales pitch. What a rip off.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Very nice post. Your descriptions leave me with the lesson that I will never get near a Westgate location. Thank you.